My life

My name is Irina. I was 10 years old when I had seen my parents making love and since that time I began to peep at them. In 13 years I began to masturbate, I did it almost all the time. In 18 years I had a very close girlfriend. Her name was Sveta. She was the slender, beautiful brunette of average height with very black eyes. Her plump lips always excited me very much. But most of all I liked her round buttocks. We always shared everything between us. One day she came to me, we had some drinks of wine and I wanted love very much, but I couldn't confess that I like her very much and I would like to make love to her. Later I had gone to the other room. I turned on my favorite video with porno. I began to masturbate; first I had thrust a hand into my panties, and began to rub my pubis gently. I began to rub the clitoris, it made me tremble a little because of the excitement which was coming on me. When I was on the verge of pleasure already, I didn't begin to bring myself to an orgasm, and took a dildo and began to put it slowly into my vagina, after that I had come soon. I was sitting on the sofa when my girlfriend had suddenly come in; my skirt had been pulled up yet. Sveta noticed that and it seemed that she liked what she had seen. She approached me, sat down next to me and kissed me very passionately. Sveta told me that she always wished to do it. She began to pull my panties off slowly and began to caress my clitoris. Sveta began to undo the buttons on my blouse and to caress my breasts. Then we turned over in the pose 69 and began to lick the vaginas of each other. Sveta put the forefinger into my cunt and began to drive it. I had come very soon and began work on her properly. I took the dildo began to drive it slowly in and at the same time to turn it. Sveta had come very soon as well with the big fountain and I began to lick off her reviving moisture. Then we had a kiss.

We had gone to the bathroom; there we have got up under the hot water streams. Sveta began to kiss me on the lips, on the neck and so on until she had reached my clean-shaven cunt. I posed doggy-style and the magnificent view on my excited pussy had opened to her. She took the dildo and put it into me so deep and abruptly that it hurt me much. She began to drive it to and fro. I had come in a moment. After I had come, Sveta sat on my face with her cunt so I began to lick her crotch. I was pushing my tongue there and biting her clitoris. After all Sveta had come soon.

After that we got dressed and left the bathroom. Sveta was going home. I asked her why so fast, and she answered it was time to go home, tomorrow she was going to have the examination. I told her that we would meet again.

Next day we met at the university. How are you? I asked. All right. Sveta answered. And you? OK:))). Do you want to meet? Yes, but just not this week, today I’m going to the grandmother to the country. I will call you right on the arrival back. Ok, I’m looking forward to see you. Having kissed Sveta on the cheek I had gone home. The next day I was home, and in the evening I went to the bar, there I drank wine, later beer as well and then I wanted love. I had gone to the WC and began to recall our fuck with Sveta. I began to get excited, I put my hand into the panties, and began to drive two fingers into my vagina, with another hand I had undone the blouse and a bra and began to caress my breast, an easy groan was heard when I was coming. I had bitten my lip to muffle my groans. When I had come I put on my clothes and went home. I got back home 2 PM, so I went to bed.

3 days had flown like one moment. I can tell only that on the second day my school friends had come to me. They were Katya, Sergey and Sasha. They had brought a small bottle of dry wine and a bottle of Vodka. First I was frightened because Vodka makes me sick, but after the wine was finished we drank it as well. After that Sasha suggested to play cards. For undressing, for some reason I offered. Well, if nobody minds, let's play. What are we going to play? I asked. Let’s play “the fool” Katya answered. Sergey had distributed the cards and we began to play. I can say I am a very bad player. After the fifth set I was almost undressed. Suddenly I felt sick, so I told my friends about that and went to the bathroom. I washed with the cold water and felt much better. Then suddenly Sergey had come in. I guess he got very excited watching me half naked. Having approached me he embraced me and kissed me very passionately. I didn't push him away cause I liked it very much, besides the drunk wine was working well. He had pulled the remained clothes off, and I pulled off his trousers releasing his already standing penis. Having kneelt I took it in my mouth and began to suck. His dick was so big that it could hardly fit in the mouth. He had come soon. I had never seen so much of sperm before, it had overfilled my mouth, but I couldn't swallow everything, it had begun to flow out. Without having managed to wipe the sperm remains, he had bended me over and put his penis slowly into me, when I had come he got his dick out and entered my ass. When he had come I wiped his sperm off, we had put the clothes on and gone to Sasha and Katya. When we entered the room we saw them fucking. I was again excited and had gone to them, Sasha has got the dick out of Katya's vagina and laid me with the back on the table and thrust in me his same big dick, and Katya approached me and began to caress my breast, I raised the hand and began to drive my finger into her vagina. When Sergey had come in, I turned over on the belly, Sergey took my from behind. Soon Sasha had come over me. I couldn't restrain long and I had come. Having taken one of L&M I lit it and smoked. When Sergey and Katya finished fucking, Katya having looked at the watch said it was time for her to go home. Sergey offered to walk her home. When they had been gone, Sasha said he could go for another bottle of dry wine. I was very drunk so I agreed. When he had come back we drank and the last thing I remember was I’m waking Sergey.

Almost the whole day I had spent at home. In the second half of the day I was called by the old friend of mine and he called me to the party. I had nothing to do at home so I agreed, we agreed at six thirty in the evening. I’m not going to tel about the party, I will tell only one thing, there was nothing that usually occurs at the parties.

The next day I didn’t go to the university because of drunk yesterday at the party. In the afternoon I was called by Irina and we agreed in an hour to meet at her home. When I had come to Irina, we began to kiss, when I had come to the room there was already a bottle of wine, we sat down, Irina had poured the wine in the glasses, I said: that’s for you but she interrupted me and said: that’s for us. I raised a free hand and embraced her shoulders, we began to kiss, having thrown the leg over me she sat down on me and having looked at me with the playing look she took my glass and put them on the table and began to kiss me, I began to pull her t-shirt off and to squeeze her beautiful breast, having stopped for a few seconds I had thrown off all but the bra and the tiny panties, but she pulled the bra off me as well. Having stayed in panties only, I pushed her away, knelt down and leaned on the sofa showing I wanted her to enter me. Irina had approached me and having kneelt she began to lick my anus, and I meanwhile with a free hand began to rub the pubis. Irina continued to lick my ass then she came off my bum and began to kiss my vagina. She clamped my clitoris with her lips and began to drive them back and forth. She touched my clitoris with the tip of the tongue, I liked it very much and I didn’t want to come (it was the first time in my life when I didn't want to come), but I couldn't constrain myself long, so I had come and we exchanged places. I thrust two fingers, with the second hand I had taken the bottle where there was about hundred grams, I poured out them on her round buttocks, the wine began to flow off her. I began to lick the wine. The smell of her cunt and the ass gave the exquisite taste to the wine, then I pushed it almost to a half, Sveta even screamed because of it. I began to drive it back and forth bringing the rage pleasure to Sveta. Soon she had come and I began to lick off her moisture.

It’s likely to be the end of my story so far, because it can be told a very long time.

All this was written being tipsy :*)) and listening to the album Americana, the band Offspring. Thanks for attention, and sorry for mistakes.

1998, Kirov