This is a true story of my first sexual experience between me and my only best friend Sasha. That time I was 19 and he was 1 year younger, but till that time our sex consisted of mutual masturbation. We could allow nothing more first because of our ignorance, then because of our parents disturbing us. But one day we had a nice chance – our parents left for their vacation for the whole month and we stayed together in the big house and his older sister was assigned to watch us. It was nasty outside and being indoors was boring. All possible games had been played and there was nothing to do at all. Until I made up my mind to do THAT. I wanted him and was ready, still I didn’t know how to get access to him with it, I didn’t know, I was afraid to be understood wrong, I was afraid he would be offended and go away. And so I decided to do it as if gradually, as if it would naturally enough. We started a kind of scuffle and a few minutes later I turned out to be above him, he was on his all four and was desperately trying to throw me off. I pushed my hand between his legs and found by feeling two balls. Having taken them with the hand and slightly pressed I pronounced: “Your kids are in my hands”. He didn’t respond, he just lay on his belly and strained all over. I realized what he felt and went on keeping his balls in my hand my other hand was undoing his jeans. He didn’t resist and didn’t say a word. Pressing his balls I pulled off his jeans, the pants and pulled up his shirt. Perhaps at that moment I lost my attention and lost his balls out of my hands. He used that chance and then I was lying on my belly and he was holding the same I did before. Who could suppose that it would turn out to be vice versa? He persistently undresses me, slightly confused with the zipper and he is still holding my balls harder. I began to feel uneasy, from time to time the pain is piercing my body and I beg him to let me go. “No, brother” – he answers, -“Now you got caught in your own trap”, and he continues to “roll” my balls. Finally I give up and become agree to everything just to be free. He stops pressing but still holding and he orders me to undress. I lost – so I am taking off my clothes. “And now stand right here and relax” – he said. Still holding me with one hand he takes my penis with another hand and begins to masturbate. I am relaxing with the growing pleasure and… I feel his penis is insistently but not skillfully trying to enter me. After several unsuccessful attempts he lets his hands off, takes me to the waist, pushes his penis between my thighs and begins smooth movements. Finally I am free. I push him aside then undress barely naked and undress him as well. We both understand what we want. Then everything is going on like in a mute movie: I am on the bed on all four on the elbows and knees, he is approaching from behind and this time he enters me easily. His breast on my back he begins smooth movements with his pelvis and his hands are stroking my chest, then he slowly lowers to the belly and takes my penis with the hand, he bares its head and slowly touches it with the fingers. Nestling to my neck with his lips he avidly sucks up my skin. His one hand is masturbating my penis, another one is stroking my hips and groin. Now his movements become more abrupt, but no – I can’t let him come so soon. I push him aside and ask him to pose like me. He agrees but not eagerly, I’m entering him unusually easy. His strained penis begins shaking in my hand and it’s his turn to strain his whole body, he is squeezing me, making me move hard and… He is coming. The sperm is splashing onto the cautiously lay sheet and he is slowly relaxing. I continue to stroke his hanging penis and I am coming as well. Right in him. Oh, this bliss state of weightlessness! Without pulling out my penis I can’t hold on and I fall down on him with my whole body. His limbs can’t stand it and we both are falling down the bed. I turn him on his back and I see happy sparkles in his blue eyes. “I love you!” – he says and embraces my neck. And here I feel his hot tongue in my mouth and his penis gradually getting up. I am now above him and our penises are touching one another. My penis is getting up again and secreting the lubricant. And now it’s hot and slippery there, we are copulating with our lips and penises. After a few minutes I offer to take a shower and we are going there naked. First we are washing off the sweat and the sperm. Then we are soap each other all over and go on mutual embracing and kissing. After we are washed we are going to the bedroom and lie down the bed covering with the light sheet. I turn my face to his legs and his firm but soft head of the penis is sticking up to my lips. I feel my penis is already submerged in his mouth and gently licked by his tongue. I grasp his penis head with my lips as well and begin to caress it with my tongue. He gently bites me and I feel more pleasure that way. I’m imitating his movements, he finds the other means and I repeat them again and so on. I’m hugging his waist, spreading and squeezing his buttocks. He strokes my hips and moves his tongue faster and faster. I feel like on the edge – just a little bit more and I’m coming right into his mouth. He swallows, licks his lips over and goes on sucking my relaxing penis. Oh, that’s the bliss! I forget about everything and lose hold of his penis. He lets my penis go as well and as if offended he turns with the back to me and begins to masturbate. I can’t let my friend be offended, so I hug him, push his hands off and go on moving with my ones. He stretches like a string and that time I’m standing in front of him on my knees and taking his penis head in my mouth again. The stream of the sperm is beating to my throat. I feel its nice saltish taste and I swallow this divine liquid. He raise me from my knees, puts me in the bed, covers with the blanket and lies down next to me. Nestling to each other and throwing our arms and legs around one another tired and happy we are falling down asleep to wake up tomorrow morning and go on this bliss.