Dope or vitamin X

To the last circle Julia already lagged behind "her time" for half a minute. "Wow..." - cursed the coach. The competition is tomorrow, and the girl, he personally vouched for, gives the full breakdown. And for no reason. After a month of quite consistent results.

Julia came over, panting, the shirt stuck to her small chest, the face was shiny from sweat.

- Are you alright?

She nodded dejectedly and sat down on the grass. The coach - a tall, black-haired man - relented: well, of course, nervous tension, first time at the regional competition...

- Oleg Vitalyevich, I am aware I'm letting you down. But... I just can’t get ready.

- That’s ok, - he patted her on the head. - This happens. Go and take a shower, have a rest, think it over, we all believe in you and you will run perfectly.

- No, - she shook her head, and buried it in her knees.

- What did you make up on you mind?! – he yelled.

- Nothing, - snapped Julia. - I was sleeping very bad at night!

And just at that moment he noticed that sweat had removed her light makeup baring the shadows under the eyes.

- Tell me! - he snapped.

- Tell you what, - Julia was looking away. - I'm in a double room and my roommate... she was with a guy all night long.

Oleg Vitalyevich was dumbfounded speechless, he remembered that he didn’t give her a multi-bed room, but, as he thought, she was in the best conditions.

- They were fucking the whole night, doing different things. And when I told them they didn’t let me sleep, and today there is gonna be the last training session, Zoya answered: “You what, never lived in a hostel? - Not yet, - I said, and they're talking to me, and also moaning, and he was even grunting...

- Okay, calm down, - said discouraged coach, and suddenly caught his excitement. Because that student was watching someone else's sex. And he slightly moved his hips to remove the cock resting in tracksuit trousers.

- Let’s do this way. My room will be free until the evening, my roommate is hanging around the plants. Go there to sleep, and by the night I’ll have a talk to that whore.

Julia nodded, stood up, and they went into the locker room of the stadium. Oleg Vitalyevich let her go forward, and then carefully watched the neat round buttocks in athletic shorts, smooth tanned legs and thought that the sex on the next bed didn’t prevent her from sleeping, but got the poor girl excited as well, of course.

When they came to the Avenue, Julia, refreshed in a bright blouse and colorful shorts, was already smiling to him. But the heart went boom alarmingly in his chest, the feeling of knowing a lot about the women suggested: that unexpected event will not pass by so easy. However, opening the room, he calmed down - wow, what could come to a head, what a stressful job with these youngsters was, but there was nothing to do, we need to nurture talents, Olympic expectations...

But when the door was shut, he quickly realized what was going on, because that girl clearly took the lead.

- I will not fall asleep, - said Julia, looking straight into his eyes. - And you, Oleg Vitalyevich, know perfectly why, you are not a little one. I want as well... after that night.

- What do you suggest? - grimaced the idiotic smile coach.

- This is your concern now, - answered the shameless youngster, sitting in the chair. - I will survive, if I would be the last one, - she hesitated, - in that abnormal state. And as for you, you will lose confidence.

- So, what are you craving? – he blushed. – Shall I bring a boy from the bar? Become your pimp? To please your flesh?

- Don't get angry, - she said. - I do not need “a” boy, for could get a suddenly infection. And I have ordinary flesh - the same as yours. Don't you believe? - her eyes flashed slyly.

- By the way, the best results on the track were, when before that I managed to have a good sex with my boyfriend.

- And where is your boyfriend?

- Stayed at home.

- Pretty clear, - said Oleg V. mad at himself for - that's for sure - stupid in the eyes of that girl vehemence. He drank some water, but when he turned around, she was already undressed, and her small breasts were a little funny sticking out in opposite sides.

- And I've always liked you, - she grinned, - so, don't feel yourself a remedy.

- A dope, - he answered.

And they both laughed.

- And didn’t you think up that about your roommate? - asked the coach, freed from the pants.

- What am I, a maniac? - Julia shrugged her shoulders, taking off her small panties colored with small black dots. - I can’t think about anything else because of them. He put her... - she hesitated, - in a doggy-style wheezing all the time: “Take that!”

Julia's eyes sparkled, her cheeks flushed, she stared up at her teacher and licked her lips impatiently, when he began to take off the swim trunks.

- You don’t have a huge one, do you? - Almost stuttering, she uttered, and his huge penis immediately appeared in front of her, swaying slightly, in all its magnificence.

As if in a trance, she made a step forward and he just felt pity to her, he realized that in her excitement over many hours she'd already got to the point. He hugged her trembling body, kissed her dry lips and, throwing back the blanket, He laid her on the bed. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply. The hair, sparse pubic hair, covered the hole like a thick reddish lump. He spread her legs and paved the groove in the tight curls by his gentle fingers. Her pink petals bared, he gently tickled them, her legs twitched, and although Oleg Vitalyevich really wanted more caressing and kissing that young, slim body, he gently put his cock pressing a little, the lips gently succumbed, passing him in, suddenly she abruptly bent down to him, as she was letting his cock entirely in, she groaned and began to move, opening her mouth with saliva leaked on the cheek. He had to obey her and those greedy chaotic movements, she was pleased with finally, freed from sexual tension that made her sick. Everything from her side was happening so instinctively that she didn’t have control over her rabid pushes and the shouts, and he only tried not to stop her, not to stop inserting the dick into a tight vagina. And just as suddenly she softened and calmed down. He was waiting patiently for her awakening. Her eyes opened, calm, clear, shining a happy light.

- And I don't need you any more, - said Julia, and laughed.

- Wait till you need me, - he replied, gently moving back and forth the cock into her wet, but grasping his excited male flesh slit.

They kissed tastefully - for the first time he held small hard nipples in his lips, and he stroked her body, she was strong, flexible, and her belly was gentle and soft. The subtle trace of the elastic band was visible on the narrow untanned strip of skin just above the pubis. And his dick was working her hole more and more confidently, skillfully, and she whispered:

- Oh, how I feel it...

“You’ll feel better,” - thought Oleg Vitalyevich, feeling the emotion of that girl changed to a sharp desire to turn a young body in a pathetic, pleading for mercy lump of flesh, so the unknown boy in her memory seemed a stupid child's toy.

He lifted her legs on his shoulders, and she was docile obeying, not without some apprehension in her eyes. Then she was completely in his power, he could wield as he wanted, and she got it very soon. She was just helplessly clutching his hips, but the groans were not pathetic - those were the exclamations of amazement. He fucked her either looking at how her lips moved between her wet hair curls around the red, thick, relentless piston, or watched a painful grimace on her face – that time he was bringing her to orgasm. He was squeezing her butt, her thighs, pushing hands behind her back, forcing to bend even more, to open up completely. And suddenly it dawned on him that her face was the sign she could not cum in that position. He lowered her legs, Julia grateful sighed as if getting comfortable. The muscles of the inner side of her thighs were strained; she was then like a spring, rhythmically pressed by his penis. That was not a pathetic lump. That young woman could stretch the spring any minute, and he began preparing for her final. Her eyes closed, the palms rested against the bed, and she was moving jerkily to his cock - well, the youth takes the place, just hold on. And suddenly Oleg Vitalyevich felt his problem not to cum into that girl was getting closer. And just when she quivered, coming, being embarrassed with nothing he moved to her face; also not surprised Julia took his smoking dick in her mouth. He gripped her shoulders and began to tremble, feeling her tongue on the head, he could cum without caressing and in the last moments of the outgoing consciousness he was keeping an eye on not to push his dick very deep, so she wouldn’t choke. And had managed to turn the penis out, when the sperm, as he thought, abundantly erupted out of him.

- A vitamin X, - said Julia, when he looked at her finally with still hazy eyes. – That’s how the girls are laughing about that...

Her not very rounded hips were lying quietly and innocently.

“Well, well”, - he thought, “Still the coaching methods of such kind don’t include that, we'll see the results tomorrow”.