- Are you expecting someone? - Andrew asked a beautiful girl in the evening dress who was sitting at the bar of the hotel he had recently settled in.

- It’s enough of waiting for me, - The girl remarked.

In the following five minutes of conversation Andrew learned that his companion name was Natasha, she was a student, and she came here on to date the foreigner she had been dating for a month, but on arrival to the hotel she found out that her friend had already been gone and didn't even leave a note for her. And then she didn’t want to go home, besides she did not have a place to go to. All that was willingly told about by Natasha to her new friend. She clearly needed to get it off her chest.

As for Andrew, he had recently quarreled with his girlfriend he lived with, and therefore he moved to the hotel for a while.

It took another few minutes and Natasha offered to continue the conversation with Andrew in his room. He was surprised, because approaching her he just wanted to have a chat, but he couldn’t reject such a girl and, moreover, he did not want to. The young people came up into the room. It was one of the cheapest rooms. The furniture consisted of a table, some chairs, a wardrobe, coffee table and a bed. Upon entering the room Andrew went to the phone to order dinner, but on the halfway to the phone he heard quiet sobbing. It was Natasha crying, sitting on the bed. It turned out that she had fallen in love with that foreigner, and his departure was a real shock for her. Andrew began to console his new friend, saying that she would meet her love, that there is still a whole life ahead, but then Natasha behaved more strangely.

- Take me, take me right now! - She said, suddenly having ceased to cry, - Help me. I must forget him. She looked into Andrew’s eyes, and then leaned back, lay down in the center of the bed and froze.

The young man became a little embarrassed, still he leaned over her and kissed her on the lips, then on the neck and on the chest. He was showering with kisses her every spot of her delicate skin, gradually descending lower and lower and freeing her beautiful body from clothes. So he took off her dress, the shoes and the stockings and finally reached the pink lace panties. On the girl’s pubis Andrew saw a neat stripe of short black hair and that seemed to him very erotic. All that time Natasha did not respond to the caresses of her partner, as if trying to lose contact with reality under his kisses, but when Andrew came up to her clitoris, she could no longer hold back and began moaning first softly, and then harder and harder, and then she was screaming and wriggling like a snake...

After the young man broke away from Natasha’s bosom, she drew him, kissed him and turned him his back down, beginning to caress and undress him, as he did a minute ago to her. She fluttered over him like a butterfly, trying not to miss a small part of his body, as if giving thanks for the feelings he had given her. After Andrew had not a piece of clothing on, Natasha settled herself more comfortably and started to play with his phallus in such a way the majority of men only dream about. She caressed him with her lips, her tongue, turning and moving her head back and forth. She seemed to feel intuitively what would be more pleasant for her partner. After Andrew had reached the highest degree of happiness, Natasha stopped her caresses. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide, clearly inviting him to enter her. That was what the young man did. He was moving rhythmically, admiring his girlfriend tossing on the pillow, and listening to her loud moans of pleasure. In a few minutes he stopped and straightened up on his knees. Natasha got his desire, she rose up on her all fours, turning her small ass to the partner, and he did not hesitate. Very soon Natasha’s moans turned to screams, her curly black hair tossing from side to side. He continued to move, occasionally spanking her on the buttocks, causing even more pleasure.

That time Natasha was the one to ask for a break, for she wanted to finish by herself. The girl put Andrew on his back, and stood over him on her knees as if pulling on his spear. Then she got up and fell again, and again she rose, moving faster and faster. The young man was holding her buttocks first, and then he began to caress her chest, then her belly and again the buttocks. All that time she was moving up and down, breathing heavily and moaning from time to time until the eruption. They had cum almost simultaneously.

Andrew could not sleep, but he didn’t have a possibility to talk to his new girlfriend, as she had fallen asleep almost immediately, or maybe she was just pretending to sleep. He woke up later, Natasha was gone, and he didn't even ask her name, or the phone number. But soon his ex-girlfriend called, asking to forgive her and begging him to come back to her. He did that, but later he often thought about Natasha and that night with her.