This story is simple and uncomplicated, but like the flash of a strobe light it reveals such depths of love and passion, which could barely exist in our to the limit technified century.

Our Romeo and Juliet's names are Victor and Michael. They are still alive, still what they did with them for the sake of love can hardly be described and understood by ordinary people.

I met them at the festival of Jarman movies. As hereditary heterosexual, I'm not a fan of gay movies, but the subscription was free of charge and it seemed to be a sin not to take the advantage of that opportunity.

While watching "Edward 11" they were sitting right in front of me. And despite the surrounding elite and the cinema connoisseurs, they were gently kissing during the entire movie. They almost didn't look at the screen and all the time I had to watch the movie shifting to the right or to the left, and that was noticed by my seatmates, who, as it turned out later, took my involuntary pressing to their hips for a prelude to the courtship. After the end of the movie they had a little argue, but it didn't interest me.

I was watching the kissing couple. Yes, of course, it was not very proper to display the undisguised curiosity of the lives of others, especially to the life of true gays, but that couple seemed to conceal a mystery. They had a kind of innuendo, there was the presence of a mystery that was not evident immediately to the eyes, it was showing up gradually, and after looking away you ask yourself: "What is so odd about them?" And you wouldn’t find an answer.

I met them again at "Caravaggio". That time in order not to repeat the previous mistake, I sat down beside them.

And then something came over me.

- Arkady. – I introduced myself. - Newspaper "More".

The one occupying the seat next to me held out his hand and said:

- Michael. And his name is Victor. - My new friend smoothly nodded to his partner.

Having responded by shaking two hands, I encouraged myself and decided to go straight ahead:

- You are the family?

- Yes. - Easily replied Michael. - Already five years.

There are enough of gays among my friends, but they almost in one voice said, that long-term relationship among them very rarely occurs.

- Oh! - I expressed my admiration.

- But, actually, we're twins. - Victor suddenly said.

Surprised I stared at them. Michael was a tall, ash-grey haired, and one thing drawing a special attention was, that one of his eyes was brown, while the second one - bright gray, almost blue. Victor couldn’t be called his complete contrary, but there was absolutely no similarity in their faces, except that Victor also appeared to have the eyes of different colors. Where Michael had gray - Victor had brown. And vice versa.

- But you... Or is it as the movie with Schwarzenegger?

- No. – Michael interrupted me gently, - The other way... If you want, we will tell you. After the movie is over.

Victor nodded in agreement.

The lights went down. The first scenes appeared on the screen, and the twins, as if forgot about my existence, began kissing again.

Saying that I barely managed to wait the end of the movie would be a blatant deception. I watched "Caravaggio" for the second time, but that picture made me forget about the surrounding reality.

Just at the final credits I remembered the promise of my neighbors. We left the hall together, Michael bought a pair of "ECU" to each, we found a suitable bench and settled there.

Michael was the main story-teller. Victor only occasionally inserted some comments, and the story appeared to be amazing and incredible.

Their story began in 1991. Michael was already engaged in some business, the details he did not want to tell about, saying only that it was profitable and not lawless. He met Victor at the dancing club "The World" where he was dragged by one of the friends of his literally by force.

They met, looked at each other and a spark of feeling flashed between them. Forgetting about business, Michael and Victor had never torn away from each other for several days.

- We had touch each other all the time, - said Victor, - Otherwise, to our mind something terrible could happen.

The first wave of madness had passed, but another one followed. Michael almost abandoned his business, devoting all his free and working time to the new friend. They have learned to do without words. Just every time any of them knew what his partner wanted and had no reason to turn down the desires.

- Don't get me wrong, - warned Michael, - Sex in our relationship is not as important as affinity of souls. We pay tribute to physical contacts. Once we almost got imprisoned for making love in the CHA (Central House of Artists). But what money can’t - big money can do. I hushed up that incident, and we became more cautious in the manifestations of our feelings in public.

After those words, I smiled to myself, but the story went on.

At one point, they both realized the usual presence beside each other was not enough for them. They wanted something more that would bind them forever. And the decision had come.

First it seemed crazy, but the relevant studies were done and it turned out to be possible.

- We wanted to see the world through the eyes of each other. And it was carried out into practice.

Double eye transplantation from one to another was done in a private American hospital. It cost big bucks and was successful.

- How are you now?

- Excellent, - answered Victor, - You know, it's so pleasant to know that your friend has a piece of you... And vice versa...

- But that wasn’t the end of the story, - mysteriously said Michael, - We have got two of these pieces now...

- And what is the second organ? - I could not tolerate the obscurity.

But the twins smiled and shook their heads simultaneously. Only their eyes betrayed the secret.

Each of the twins pointed his multi-colored eyes to the crotch of the other.