The evening

That evening I was invited to a birthday party where a lot of women were expected to come. I prudently left my girlfriend at home and eagerly went to Mitino. The holiday was surprisingly boring, the girls were not so active and behaved surprisingly awkward for their age of 18-19. The only thing getting my “buddy” out of hibernation was the hero of the occasion - Kate. We knew each other for about three years and never even kissed for real. She was a very energetic girl with small stature and with very nice young breasts. I often thought about them while having sex with my regular girl who was, to tell the truth, good as well. Kate was in a blue short dress, and she was wearing thin white panties, that flashed before my tenacious eyes when she was getting up or sitting down on a chair. Still, it looked like she didn’t care much about it. Everything seemed to be over, and obviously not satisfied boys and girls were gradually leaving the apartment. I was waiting for the moment to stay: her parents left for the summer house, and no one but her could prevent me from realizing my plans. She looked a little disappointed and didn't want to stay alone. Sometimes I’m good at talking and smiling, so when everyone left, I offered her to have another drink. She gave me her agreement, and her eyes flashed. After that we sat down on the sofa with a bottle of cherry liqueur and went on. I offered to drink to “Bruderschaft”. The first kiss was followed by others. We had to wash up, so we moved to the bathroom.

She began to undress. Her breasts had large nipples and sticking out to the sides a little bit. But it was nothing compared to her skin. I had never seen such skin so far: soft to the touch, it smelled like flowers and wine. I was ready to lick her all over. Her pubis was covered with thin white hair trimmed in the shape of a wedge. Her dew was already flowing over the inner side of her thighs, when I removed her panties (I always preferred to do it by myself). I gently licked her tight vulvar lips, she froze and strained up a little. I pressed my tongue on her lips and passed it over several times. I carefully spread her legs and thrust my tongue into the vagina simultaneously sliding my finger over the clit. She moaned. After a few minutes of such manipulations she stretched out to my pants. I helped her to get to my cock. Her hands caressed him all over, sometimes lingering on the balls and pausing modestly almost reaching my anus, as if not daring to touch it.

Kate bent down and took the head of my cock in the mouth. I felt the softness and the coolness. She slowly sucked the head of my cock playing with my balls. I felt she wanted to touch my anus. Taking her hand I sent her to the right path. She groaned and began to slide her tongue along the entire length of the cock, massaging my crotch.

The bath was filling up with water and we plunged into the foam. It was just divine. Her tiny body of a figure-skater was lying on me and we kissed each other while my hands were wandering over her virgin ass. I gently drove the middle finger from the clitoris over the vulvar lips to her anus and slowly began to massage it. Her breath became broken and she started to bite my tongue a little. It was becoming too hot.

We dried off and went to the bed of her parents. I was eager to enjoy her ass, I didn’t have enough time to explore completely.

I put her on the stomach and began massaging her, focusing on her butt. Then I leaned down and ran my tongue from the nape to the tailbone, then once again almost up to the cherished asterisk of her anus. Apparently, she realized what I was going to do and protested, saying that she was shy, especially when I spread the cheeks of her ass. The hole was framed with thin short hair. Finally I got my tongue on it and lingered there for a few seconds. Then I began to drive my tongue along the whole cleavage from the tail-bone to the vagina. The hair around her anus was slightly stinging my tongue and the lips. I moistened her hole with saliva and began to massage her with the fingers and the tongue, having thrust the thumb of the right hand into her vagina. She was shaking. My cock was overheated. It was time to act decisively. I grabbed the closest tube of cream from the bedside table and started rubbing my cock, not forgetting about Kate. I took plenty of cream on the middle finger and gently shoved it in. Then I added the cream, trying to apply it as much as possible.

She slightly raised her ass, putting a pillow under her belly. The sphincter ring was so tight that I had to squeeze the head of my cock and that was the only way to push it through. She asked me to slow down. I felt she was hurt. The sphincter so tightly wrapped the penis head around so tight, that I was also a little hurt because usually I have sex with a condom on. Kate became a little braver and moved her ass upward a little, taking a few more cm of my dick in. I almost screamed with pleasure. She began to move, watching my face over the shoulder. I must say, that after a few minutes she took me in almost completely, so that the balls touched the lips of her vagina. I felt she was fine. She lowered her head and began massaging the clitoris, sometimes trying to reach my balls. I was close to cum, and sensing that, she also did not want to come to the finish line alone and began to make wide movements with her ass on the cock, pulling on my tool entirely. I shot uttering a few shouts, and fell down on her back no longer able to restrain myself. She moaned even after orgasm and fondled with her free hand my balls and the cock, slowly squeezing out the rest of sperm. Then she shoved her middle and index fingers in the ass and began masturbating a little, looking at me invitingly.

I asked her to lick me. She jumped up, as if she was waiting for that. We exchanged places. It was such a pleasure to feel her tongue, her lips and the fingers already on my anus. My dick hardened again, but she did not stop, I had to get up on my all fours, she continued to lick my anus enthusiastically, sticking her index finger in from time to time. Then I lay down on the side and her mouth grasped my cock, which was still in the cream and her juice. She took it in her throat, while trying to massage my prostate with a finger. I quickly began to cum. But she stopped immediately, turned me my back down and sat astride on me pulling her ass on my sweltering rod. Her ass was making a little squishing sound when she was moving fast and the cock was popping out of her hole. She put two fingers in her vagina and gave herself in another orgasm. When she had cum, she lay on me, put her arm around my neck and fell asleep. I continued to stroke her ass until I fell asleep myself. The Monday morning was coming, but I was in no hurry. I had everything to go on.