I came to the specified address at the appointed time. Yefim was already at the place.

- Well, haven’t you changed your mind? - he asked.

- I have no choice, - uncertainly I replied.

- Okay, so if you're not satisfied with something there, just do not show that or you let me down, - he said. - As I’ve told you, you have casting today. They will look at you, and see what you can do etc., but you won’t get paid today. Got it?

- Yes, I do, - I snapped.

We went up to the necessary floor. Yefim rang the doorbell. A male voice asked "Who's there?" and then the door opened. Before us there was a guy about my age. He had nothing but the boxers on.

- Let's go faster, Oleg is already waiting for you, - said the guy and just shoved us into the apartment.

It appeared to be a well decorated former communal apartment with many rooms. Walking down the hall in one of the rooms I noticed a naked girl posing in front of the camera. Yefim stopped at the furthest door and knocked. After answering "Come in" we went into the room.

Oleg turned out to be a solid man, slightly bald but with graceful beard.

- So you're Sergey? - he asked. I nodded.

- Yefim must have totally informed you, so I guess, if you're here – you agree, - said Oleg. Then let's not waste our time and get straight down to business. I think, you’ve already seen Masha while passing by. By the way, she just turned 18. So, now you will show all you can do with her. She's a smart girl, if you need – she will give a hint. Deal?

- Deal, - I replied.

We went came over to the next room. Masha was lying on the bed, her legs spread wide, and shamelessly rammed her shaved pussy with a huge dildo. The camera was at a distance of not more than two feet away from her oozing vagina. The operator was telling her the best way to bend, when to pull out, to rotate, etc. The three of us were standing behind the camera enjoying the show. Masha began to help herself with the second hand thrusting two fingers in her anus. Soon she began to rush about on the bed and fiercely cumming. She pulled the dildo out of her vagina, which was quietly throbbing.

- How did you like it? - she smiled, lingering her look at me. – Is that a new one?

- Yes, Masha, - said Oleg. - Don't you mind, if he is having a little bang with you?

- Let him get undressed, I want to have a good look at him, - she said.

I realized that it was my turn to work on that body. Inside I was shaking all over. I pulled off my pants and without any foreplay turned my standing buddy in the girl’s mouth. Without any question she swallowed it and began vigorously driving her lip over the trunk. The operator (Garik was his name) began to run around us choosing shooting angles. I laid her on the bed and threw her legs on my shoulders. I thrust three fingers into her wet slit and began to do translational-rotational motions rubbing her clitoris with my tongue. She began twirling and moaning aloud.

- Come on, put it in, - she could not help it any more.

I pulled out my fingers and called Garik to take a close-up of her hole. After that I brought my rod to her pussy, moved it over her lips, inserted it just a bit in and then with all force drove it up to the balls in her ass. Masha screamed and tried to pull away, but she was completely in my power. Gradually pacing up I was loading her pink pucker hole and feeling her getting turned on and moving her pelvis upward. I stopped, pulled the cock out and called Garik again. Her back hole was exposed and quietly shuddered. I inserted both index fingers in and spread the hole as wide as possible. Garik added the lights and made the best close-up. Having finished with her ass, I thrust my penis into its natural place.

- Masha, I'm sorry for the indelicate question, but may I cum into you? - I asked.

- Go ahead, I'm taking all the precautions, - simply and naturally she answered.

I paced up as fast as I could and began to cum into her womb. Having finished, I got off her and asked her to remain in the same position.

- Well, now Masha, make a little show for us.

Masha realized what I wanted from her. She caved in and began straining the muscles of her vagina. The warm and white liquid was slowly flowing out of there.

- Well, you are really wild, - said Masha. - I haven’t been fucked like that since… I don’t remember when.

- I'm glad, you liked it, - I said. – We should do it again sometime.

- Sergey, when you’re dressed, come in to me, - said Oleg, leaving the room.

Masha went to the bathroom to wash up, and Garik rushed to her to keep up shooting. I lit a cigarette and began getting dressed.

- You are good, man. You banged her cool, - Yefim said admiringly, when we stayed alone. - I have not seen that for a long time, just in porn. Oleg liked you, I can tell you for sure. So I’m sure, you're in.

I got dressed, knocked on the necessary door and came in. Oleg was happy sitting at the desk writing something down.

- Ah, it’s you, - he said. - Come in, come in. Here's a hundred bucks for the performance. As for me, I liked it very much.

- Thank you, - I said.

- Yefim will inform you about the next shooting, - said Oleg. – It’s going to be about in a week. So wait for the call.