One for all, and all on one

Waking up with the terrible pain in the head, Misha opened his eyes. There were three guys standing over him, one of them was holding a broken bottle.

- What do you want? - trying to get up Misha yelled and was immediately knocked down by one of the guys.

- Do you have money?

- I have nothing! Get out of here!

- Well, we'll check it up!

Having said that, they lifted him up on his feet and began to search groping. One twisted his hands behind his back, and two others were turning out the pockets of his jacket and jeans.

- Why are you, moron, walking around without money?

- None of your damn business, asshole!

After those words, Misha was hit in the groin. The terrible pain forced him to bend over. The guy that hit him came closer, grabbed his hair and raised his head.

- Well, if you have nothing, we're gonna play with you.

- Fuck off...

Another blow, but that time in the jaw. Misha’s head swam and he lost the balance for a while...

- Take off his pants!

Misha was struggling to resist but it was useless - the forces were not equal.

- Wow! What's a big dick! Should we make it shorter? Perhaps, it’s not comfortable to walk with such a huge rod? Huh?

- You’d better be busy with your own one, freak! – Misha was still trying to resist.

- Why not?! – the guy said that, and unzipped his jeans, pulled them down to his knees, then his briefs and Misha saw his already got up cock.

- How do you like it? – The guy asked smiling slyly. - It's just the time you get to know him closer! - the guy came up close to Misha, grabbed his head and moved it to his cock.

- Suck, honey! If you don't, I'll have to hurt you!

Misha resisted turning his head and trying to escape, but he was held very tight. He felt the guy's dick touching his face...

- Suck it, I told you! Come on! Do it! - the guy started to drive the head of his dick over Misha’s lips.

Misha still couldn’t believe in what was happening. Suddenly something cold touched his neck. He felt that was a knife.

- I'm tired of messing about with you! Choose: I cut you, or you are sucking all of us!

Misha felt the whole horror of what was happening. Suddenly, all his courage had gone. He was scared. He opened his mouth... and at the same moment he felt the guy’s cock penetrated into him almost up to the throat. Misha tried to get rid of the cock, but the guy tightly pressed Misha’s head to his groin.

- Come on and suck! Caress my cock with your tongue! Have you never seen how to do it?

Tears appeared in Misha’s eyes. At the thought that he was... there... by three guys... he was ashamed and terribly hurt, but there was nothing he could do. All he was thinking about was the thought how to survive.

The guy began to move his cock, fucking Misha’s mouth.

Suddenly someone behind Misha sharply thrust a finger in his anus. Misha shouted out and immediately got a slap on the face.

- Suck quiet, bitch! Until we got enough of fuck, you're not leaving!

Misha felt the finger moving in and out of his anus. Then he felt the second finger began to penetrate inside, trying to expand his hole.

- Bring a cream and a bottle from beer, - called the guy busy with his ass.

Misha realized he was badly screwed...

Soon he felt the cold neck of the beer bottle touched his anus. Misha froze...

The guy started slowly shoving the bottle in Misha’s ass. Sharp pain made Misha scream, but stuck to the ground the guy's dick muffled his cry.

The bottle was already half inside Misha. It was tearing up his insides. Suddenly it was sharply pulled out and Misha felt relief, but, as it turned out, not for long.

The guy greased his hand with cream and thrust three fingers in at once. With circular motions he began to expand Misha’s anus. Then he inserted the other fingers and began to push the whole hand inside. Misha had never ever felt such pain so far.

In order to dull the pain, Misha began to suck the dick harder, and the dick never left his mouth. Misha tried not to think about what was happening.

A few movements - and the hand was entirely in. The pain had gone and Misha felt the sensation of fullness made his own cock get up. Misha could not believe it.

Suddenly Misha felt the hand inside moving as if fucking his ass. That aroused him even more and he began to suck the dick enthusiastically, licking it and stroking the testicles.

- So you're a handy-andy and not only concerning the hands... - said the guy fucking Misha in the mouth.

After those words, the guy from behind popped his arm out from Misha’s ass, lay under him and pulled Misha on his cock. Misha didn't feel anything, for his anus was so enlarged that already easily took the cock in. Then the third guy came from behind trying to shove his dick in Misha’s ass as well.

And there two dicks were fucking Misha in his hole and one banging his mouth!

Misha felt like a slut from a porn movie. He never thought he could like it.

Soon the movements became more frequent and the first guy discharged in Misha’s mouth. The first time Misha tried the taste of semen and he liked it.

Two more shots, but inside of Misha. The guys had cum at the same time!

From all what was going on, Misha’s head swam and he... cum as well!