An incident at the place of work

That day Tatyana wanted to have something unusual (of course, considering sex), but she didn't know what exactly. She was sure just about one thing: she wanted to come through such feelings and emotions, that would be the most pleasant memory she had. Oleg, not as if read her like an open book, but he knew about her desires, learning about them from their conversations, so that she would not realize what he was interested in.

It seemed that Oleg was not going to make love with her (at least, he tried not to show it as hard as he could). They talked discussing working plans. The room they were in was spacious and light. The coziness was created by pastel colored curtains covering the windows, but that did not stop the light from coming in, a small folding couch, a desk, and so on - everything that could be in the office. There were scattered papers on the desk, two cups and other mess. They were going to leave, because it was evening already and the workday was over. Oleg brought the cups where they belonged, and Tatyana began arranging the papers on the desk. While collecting the papers, she bent down reaching for the piece lying on the other end of the table, and suddenly she felt someone got a place behind her: something hard rested against her butt. Tatyana tried to get up, but Oleg’s hand pressed her neck to the table so that she couldn't even move. With the other hand he pulled up her blouse, stroking her back. He undid her bra and touched her breasts, gently rubbing them. A wave of exciting shiver ran over her body, her mouth opened, she gradually relaxed and surrendered to his caresses. That sudden rush aroused Tatyana so much, that she did not resist. Spread-eagled on the table, she was moaning loud. Oleg pulled up her skirt and caressed her thighs, and then he penetrated under the edge of her panties, his hand sensing her smoothly shaven pussy, that was the moment he liked best of all. She flowed like a wild river, rushing about on the table. Tatyana’s butt was sticking out towards Oleg’s caresses, she was wanted him to enter her so much. But he was in no hurry. He lifted her up from the table so that she was standing with her back to him; he took a handkerchief and blindfolded her eyes. Tatyana turned to face him, pressed her whole body to him and their lips merged in a passionate kiss. Oleg turned her back to him again, kissing her neck and his both hands caressing her chest.

Suddenly Tatyana felt there was someone else and that someone got under her skirt, caressing her inner side of the thighs. Then he was pulling down her skirt and the panties and moving her legs apart. She tried to remove the blindfold to see the second one, but Oleg was holding her hands not allowing to do that. Embarrassed with such surprise she felt not very comfortable in that situation and began to resist. Oleg tried to calm her down, whispering sweet words in her ear, but that did not help for long.

Then they laid her on the couch. Oleg was still holding her hands, kissing her chest, the neck, the lips, and the second one spread her legs, driving his tongue over her smooth pussy. First, he tenderly touched her vulvar lips and then he got down to the clitoris driving his tongue over it. After that he began caressing the entrance to her vagina. It seemed, he wanted to dry it up leaving nothing to the first one. Tatyana’s pussy was flowing so hard, that a part of the couch became all wet (luckily its upholstery was made of leather).

Her newly growing arousal came over her and she was ready to yield to them both in all positions. She wanted to be fucked on the table in a doggy-style; to suck their cocks simultaneously so that they would cum right on her chest; to lie on one of them and to be fucked right up in her ass by another one. Imagining all that, she became seized with wild passion.

They put her on the edge of the couch (it was low enough), the second unknown man continued to caress her pussy, and Oleg was driving his cock over her neck and the lips. Tatyana tried to catch his cock with her open mouth, breathing fitfully, but he teased her deliberately. Finally he took her by the chin and put his dick in her mouth. As if hungry, she rushed at him (of course, in the end of the day everybody is hunting for food). From such pressure he couldn't hold it back and he cum in her mouth almost immediately. His sperm ran down her lips and the neck. She continued caressing his cock driving it over her neck and the lips.

The second, seeing that Oleg had had a lot, decided to catch up. He overturned her on the stomach and came in her. Tatyana had been waiting for that moment so long that she had cum immediately and passed out, while he was still fucking her unconscious body. The sight of her ass excited him so much that he did not notice her brainfart. His body trembled with the coming orgasm, pouring sperm into her womb.

The men brought her to her senses. The second one vanished unnoticed as well as he appeared before. She was trying to find out from Oleg who it was, but he never told her, assuring there was nothing to worry about. Maybe, she would feel better not knowing who had fucked her.

They were sitting on the couch, leaning against each other and going on caressing: she gently ran her hand over his back and then she moved on his lap kissing his face and the neck. Tatyana sat facing him, her lips were going lower on and on. Here they got down to his nipples, gently driving the tongue over it. Oleg squeezed her breasts and the butt, and she was leaning back, eyes closed blissfully with his caresses. His cock was already erected leaning against her smooth pubis. She slightly jumped on his cock rubbing her pussy over it and pressing on her clitoris. Gradually their desire was growing on and on.

Oleg decided to surprise her by fucking in the ass. She bent over to his cock, sucking it all in with greater fervor and passion. He lubricated her anus, first gently touching it until she wanted his caresses to become bolder. He realized that and began inserting his finger gently into her anus, trying not to hurt her. She sweetly sighed moving towards his finger, so he almost drove her to orgasm. He put her on her knees to the back of the couch, and slowly began entering her ass, his hand lying on her clitoris increasing the desire. She was passionately moving upwards to him. Suddenly her body convulsed, the movements became more intensified, making him cum as well. They both were moaning and wriggling as if in death agony. Their groans were heard even outside; passers-by were looking up at the windows.

Exhausted, they were lying on the couch. Tatiana was on top, resting her head on his chest. Sleep clouded their minds, and they slept so about an hour.