On the way from the place of work

It happened when I was going home from work. It was very late. It was already dark outside. Ironically, my way home goes along lonely streets. I never thought I could be raped right in these places. I even didn’t think I could be raped.

I'm a very beautiful girl. I have quite big breasts and nice plump butt.

So, returning home one night, I heard that some people following me. I heard them talking about something and laughing. Suddenly, to my surprise, I heard one of them saying: "Yeah, we should fuck this bitch in the nearest corner." I was shocked. Not having time to assess the entire situation, I was attacked by a man from behind, who covered my mouth and another one grabbed my legs. They brought me into a dark corner.

Then one of them said (there were two of them)...

- Let's have some fun, huh? – he said with a smile and eagerness in his eyes.

He opened the fly on his jeans. I saw a big and fat cock falling out of his trousers. He was so excited that it heated the air around. He just took it out and immediately began poking it in my mouth.

- Suck it, bitch, suck. This is just for warming up. The most interesting will be later, - he said, while his friend removed his pants and began to jerk off.

I don't know why, but I passionately began to caress his organ with my tongue. And It gave me much pleasure. I noticed my "partner" feeling pleasure and bliss... "Of course, his dick is being sucked by one of the most beautiful girls of the city" - I thought, and continued to please him more passionately. Just a few minutes after I felt a hot jet of fresh sperm that overfilled my throat.

- That’s it, I’ve cum, - he said, - Now it's your turn. Come and check if she is a virgin or not.

I realized that I’m going to be fucked all out, and the blowjob was only the beginning.

The second one gently came up from behind. He began gently caressing my ass, slowly letting down his hand to my vagina. When he touched it, I flinched a little.

- Afraid? - he asked, - Oh, you really shouldn’t. I'm going to fuck you softly.

And then he inserted his cock into my precious hole. His penis was rather taut and firm. I started to do well-known movements. It was great. “Well, let them rape, it feels pleasant.” I thought and went on enjoying sex.

While fucking with one of them, I saw the other one became ready again. But what he wanted - I didn't know... Maybe, he wanted me to suck again, or he wanted to fuck my ass, or he wanted me to jerk him off. At that moment I didn’t care at all. And suddenly even for myself I said to them:

- Fuck me! Fuck me! I want you.

At the same moment the one fucking me, reached his hands up to my bust trying to unbutton my blouse. He wanted my breasts.

“Well, they ripened for you” - I thought, and with a single motion I ripped it off by myself.

Hot, passionate hands were grasping my breasts. It was so nice that I cried out with pleasure.

- Shut up, bitch, - said the first one and stuck his rod into my mouth, - Work on. You work good – we’ll let you go. If you don’t, we will be having you until morning.

But I didn’t already care about his words. I was feeling good and I liked it. I felt his cock in my mouth again and started to lick it with my tongue.

Suddenly the second one stopped sharply. I thought another jet of sperm would stream in me. But none of the kind.

- I want you to fuck me sitting on top!!! - he said.

- Yeah, and at the same time you’re jerking me off! - said another one.

Well, I had no choice. That moment I was completely at their mercy.

I took the position on the top and at the same time clasped the dick of the other by my fingers doing smooth movements. The one under grabbed my breasts caressing them with his hands, licking them from time to time when I bent over.

Yes, what a spectacle it was.

I no longer thought about anything. I entirely plunged into the world of passion and love. Orgasms were coming to me one after another.

Suddenly I felt another male organ hitting my mouth.

“Oh, my God! - I thought, - This is the third one”. But without showing any emotion I swallowed it.

I was permanently feeling the touches of man's hands... rough and gentle, hairy and smooth.

That orgy lasted about half an hour. The poses and the partners were rotating. When it had been over, exhausted I was lying in that dark corner, watching those three dressing up and leaving.

- Yeah, this slut is good at fucking. And she sucks nice as well, - they said and left.

I was left lying alone in that dark corner, trying to put on what was left of my clothes. The head was empty. Up to that moment I was still feeling bliss and satisfaction.