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When I came into the hotel bar, I did not even notice her first.

I sat down at the table in the farthest dark corner and ordered drinks.

The waitress brought the glass, but when I wanted to pay for booze she said that had been already paid by the blonde at the other end of the hall. I looked up there and saw Sandy sitting on the chair at the far end of the bar. She looked magnificent. She was wearing white blouse, short black skirt and fishnet stockings. She was sitting her legs crossed and her skirt lifted up revealing delicious thighs. Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful woman in the hall.

Sandy smiled to me and while she was walking to my table, I couldn't help but watched her nipples protruding vertically under the white silk of her blouse with deep neckline and her swaying breasts. She stood beside and asked permission to sit down next to me. "Of course," I said, and she slipped into my cubicle. Then she told me that she worked as an administrator in the hotel and her shift was just over. Wasting no time, she openly said that I looked like a man she wanted to have a good time with and putting her hand on my thigh she began to stroke it. I felt her hot firm breast touching my hand.

Then Sandy looked straight into my eyes and said that she had a room on the top floor and she would like to go up there with me. She stood up and taking my hand led me from the bar to the elevator. I felt the warmth of her body. The smell of her perfume excited. My cock began stiffening in the pants and the balls seemed to get heavier. When the elevator door closed, we embraced each other and kissed with long sucking kisses. I pressed my cock to her rubbing. I guess we would have sex in the elevator, but at that moment the elevator door opened and the waiter with mobile table came in. We went out and climbed one floor up the stairs to her room. Sandy opened the door, dragged me into the room and threw me on the bed. We were kissing again. My hands squeezed her breasts right through her blouse, enjoying their shape and elasticity. Then Sandy lifted up, unbuttoned her blouse and arching the shoulders threw it off back.

Finally her breasts opened to my eyes. Sandy had a bra but it was with slits with the nipples sticking out through. I grabbed her chest, feeling how hot and heavy it was. When I was caressing her with the fingers over her firm nipples she trembled and stretched her hand to my crotch. Sandy massaged my hard cock a bit with her hand through the pants, then unzipped the fly and freed him out. She asked me to lie on my back and when I did it, she took off the bra, leaned over me, swaying her breasts before my eyes, and pulled off my pants and briefs. Then she sat on my chest with her back to me, so right in front of my face there was her delicious ass, still hidden by the skirt and the stockings. Sandy leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and began gently sliding her lips over it. While she sucked my cock her crotch was approaching my face. My eyes were closed and suddenly I felt something smooth, hot and a bit tense sliding over my face and the lips. I opened my eyes and flinched when I saw that it was a big half-stiffened penis.

At first I was a bit taken aback, to put it mildly. I heard stories about transsexuals, or "she-males" as they are called in San Francisco but I never thought I'd meet one of them, especially since that was such a beautiful woman. But she gave me such pleasure with her mouth that I spat upon everything and decided to go on. I sat up and for the first time I felt the touch of another penis. It was similar to mine but hotter. Sandy shaved her entire crotch and her hairless scrotum was hanging down under her big cock. The cock was not circumcised and its head was swelling under the foreskin. I stripped it and touched with my lips feeling slightly saltish taste of precum. I felt I liked that and grasped the whole head with my lips.

We sucked each other swinging with our hips. I could feel her breasts pressed against my stomach. Sandy was much more experienced than me in this kind of affairs. Suddenly she stopped, got off me and quickly took off the skirt.

"I want you to fuck me in the ass" she purred and took a jar of lubricant from the coffee table. She greased her ass and her cock, which was almost entirely hardened swaying when she approached me. Then she got on her all fours on the bed, stretched her hand behind and grabbed my cock dragging me towards her waiting ass.

Her ass was slippery with greasing. I grabbed her hips and inserted the head of my penis in her anus. Sandy sighed when all 19 centimeters of my cock entered her ass. I leaned forward, grabbed her chest with a hand and began to fuck her in the hot and narrow anus. I fucked with big and strong pushes so that my balls clapped on her when I thrust in to the ground. I fucked her, moving the hand off her breast, I grabbed her cock jerking it off, caressing the trunk and the head all slippery with the grease on them. Sandy bent back so then we were both on our knees and her back pressed against my chest. Turning her head, she clung to me with a kiss. I felt the approach of orgasm and at that moment her cock began twitching in my hand. Hot jet of sperm burst from my cock deep in Sandy’s ass. After a moment, she began to cum as well. I put my hand around the head of her cock and the jet of white sperm spilled into my palm. I began to smear it over her cock head, the trunk and the balls feeling the hot weight of her dick in my hand.