Night swimming

It was a warm summer night. We were sitting beside the fire and recalling the last day: our climbing the hills with huge backpacks. We had put tents near a small river and sat down around the fire drinking beer. It was warm and there were almost no mosquitoes around. There were four of us. My friend with her boyfriend invited us, maybe for company, or maybe they had something on mind. When it became almost dark and bright white stars scattered all over the sky, our friends said to us good night and went into the tent and then only giggling and the rustling of a camp blanket was heard from there from time to time.

That day I saw you for the first time. You turned out to be not so handsome as described by my friend, still there was something fascinating and eye-catching in you. Having opened another bottle of beer and enjoying the beauty of nature surrounding us, we were talking about abstract topics. Meanwhile, the beer slowly started to take hold and soon we shamelessly laughed and told each other dirty jokes. I suddenly an interesting idea came up to my mind and being tipsy enough I decided to offer.

- Let’s go swimming, the water must be quite warm.

- Let's go. - You said and your eyes flashed with playful sparkles.

Giggling, I rushed to the river. You caught me up and we ran along the riverside. We wanted to run a little farther. Even though we were drunk, but we didn't want our friends to find us. I quickly threw off the clothes and ran into the water. The water was a bit cool and its splashes gave me much pleasure. My nipples stiffened from the cool river water. I turned around and saw you hesitating standing on the riverbank. You looked especially sexy in the dark of the night.

- Come to me. - I shouted, and immersed into the water completely.

You got undressed in a moment. Swimming on the river surface I heard a splash of water realizing that you were already swimming to me. We swam, had fun and laughed until we got tired.

- Let’s go to the shore front. - You offered.

- Let’s go, - I agreed being already quite cold.

We were slowly coming out of the water. When the water began exposing my chest, you turned to me.

- It’s a magic night, isn't it?

- Yes, - I could barely answer.

We stood and enjoyed being close to each other. Our naked bodies were barely seen through the water. Under the dim moonlight, timidly falling down on your face I suddenly decided that you were the most wonderful one I had ever met.

Then out of the water we suddenly felt the cold of the ground cooling down. We didn't have anything to wipe dry, so we got dressed not in a moment. I was shivering and you imperiously drew me. The arrow of desire pierced my body.

- I'll keep you warm. - You said as if excusing yourself.

I felt the warmth of your body and slowly began to warm up. I was losing control with your body so close. Listening to your breathing I wanted just one thing. We were looking at the stars and talking about something. I already could not make out the words. For me only your intoxicating voice and the unique smell of your body mattered. Suddenly you fell silent. You turned to me and kissed me tender. A sudden shiver ran through my body. You kissed me more passionately. Then another kiss, and another and another… Then you touched my chest. The whirlwind of desire spun me round. I put my arms around your neck and falling down on the ground I pulled you to me. Passionate kisses let me know, that you wanted me as well. You went down from my lips to the chest. You were caressing my nipples, first with a finger, flirting, then with the lips and with the tongue gently licking and slightly biting. You were squeezing and stroking my breasts. Then you went down lower and lower. Pretty soon you were stroking my hips. Ceasing avidly biting my nipples, your tongue was sliding down stopping for a bold kiss from time to time until it reached the small navel hollow. I bent over towards your caresses. Your searing kisses burned my body making my finger sharply dig into your back. You just shuddered and continued just more vigorously. Your hand slid down and began easy playing with my wet lips. Your finger was running between them, stroking them all along, spreading them and getting deeper from time to time as if teasing me. I could no longer help it. I was clinging to you harder and harder on, as if all my body was begging you to enter me. You got down lower and began first timidly and then more steadily to explore my pussy. Your warm tongue was getting in every corner. I was groaning and fingering your hair. Your hands caressed my body, making me forget everything. Then you sharply got back to my lips and stuck to them. I sucked your tongue while you were kissing me and slowly enter my body.

- Yes! I want it! - I whispered brokenly.

You either immersed into wet warmth, or emerged from it. At first your movements were slow and cautious, then impulsive and domineering. I entirely yielded to you and soon I felt something was coming over me with warm waves. You obviously felt the same. You lay close beside and hugged me. We listened to each other’s breathing, gradually falling asleep.

We woke up in the morning because it was awfully cold. The dawn was breaking. We got dressed and hand in hand rushed to the tent, in order not to arouse suspicions of our friends, still, in my opinion, they didn’t care…