Passion on the beach

Finally managed to escape from the city to the village. There is very good, very fresh and clean air. Of course, when it’s hot it’s better go and bathe in the river, so the heroes of this story did.

But let me first introduce them to you.

Natalie is a good girl of 19 with firm breasts, rounded hips and long to the waist hair. She was dark haired girl. What more can I say?

She has expressive black eyes, emitting some kind of aura; the playful smile is always shining on her tanned face. In general, she is beautiful!

That day Natalie came to the beach wearing just a black bikini barely concealing her charms.

She was not alone.

Her boyfriend's name was Anton, but Natalie used to call him Antonio. He was of medium height, well-built guy. Together they were a perfect couple.

Another hot day was close to be over and there was almost no one left at the beach. The sun was setting and the whole field was bathed in the last rays.

- Antonio, let's make love right here on the beach this time? - offered passionate Natalie. - The perfect place, a change of scenery, what could be better?

- Of course, sweetie!

- Aren’t you embarrassed with the presence of someone?

- No!

And they passionately kissed each other. Antonio felt hot and even searing breath of Natalie first on the neck and then their flaming lips merged in a sweet kiss.

Natalie was turned with someone watching very much: it gave the feelings acuteness and novelty.

It is always nice to do something forbidden for all to see! This is fate.

Maybe that's why they got excited so fast. Natalie felt hot between her legs, then felt sweet languor coming over. Meanwhile, Antonio pulled down her bikini kissing her lovely nipples. Natalie threw back her head, allowing him everything he wanted.

"I’m yielding to you, my dear, do whatever you want to me!" her wonderful black eyes were saying and

Antonio caught that call!

He went on caressing her swelling nipples with his tip of the hot tongue. He put some ointment on them, and every touch to them delivered sharp feelings, even easy blowing of evening breeze was felt.

Antonio caressed her chest with his lips, stroked magnificent buttocks squeezing them with his hands. He squeezed them, stroked and pinched gently.

By that time Natalie freed Antonio from swimming trunks and her hands were massaging his already stiffened penis. She stroked him all over, squeezing the tip and stroking it with easy teasing movements. She imagined he was frozen and it certainly needed to revive and to be brought to life.

And she succeeded.

Antonio was showering Natalie's neck with kisses, and she was gently clinging to him in response and bringing him to Nirvana.

Meanwhile, the men on the opposite riverside were distracted from fishing and looked at the sex on the beach all eyes shouting: "Come on, go on! Harder, harder! Deeper, deeper!"

That pushed Antonio to decisive action. He turned Natalie on her side and took her in that position. Natalie started to scream wildly with delight, her legs jerked sweeping the sand all around and she hardly caught hold of something.

When there is such acute, exciting and voluptuous sensation, you forget about everything! You want to sway peacefully to the rhythmic thrusts having that feeling forever.

Flying in Nirvana in the clouds. Especially nice to Natalie was the fact that she was being had from behind like a dog. But there appeared a kind of unbearable feeling with growing intensity.

"I need to pee", - said Natalie.

"No problem, go ahead".

And Natalie, without interrupting the intercourse, began quietly leaking. Hot and taut jet was hitting her feet, and showering Antonio’s penis just exciting him better. He became indestructible like a stone. Hot trickles caressed and teased him, and Natalie felt nice as well.

Natalie was able to find her kicks even in such ordinary and boring thing like urination.

Natalie suddenly broke out of the strong embrace of Antonio and sat on his cock astride from above and started jumping like a horsewoman. Back and forth, to and fro. And every time his powerful cock rested against something solid, it became as if enveloped with some strange veil. Natalie also worked rhythmically with her hips and well-developed muscles of the vagina. Antonio finally strained and watered Natalie’s vagina with his hot seminal fluid. Natalie felt something really warm and pleasant caressing and washing everything inside her, like the most useful and life-giving moisture cleaning everything.

It was a pleasant feeling of fullness and the fact that empty gap in the body was finally taken by man's penis.

Completely exhausted they were both lying on the sand. And all would be well, but for the men on the opposite riverside who were too excited urging them on, laughing aloud and just discussing.

"They are just jealous" - Natalie thought. “No one has such a wonderful lover as my Antonio!"

"Oh, I'm silly! How men can have men lovers?" - suddenly came to her senses.

But Antonio did not seem to be off. His cock was getting harder gradually, and getting up naturally.

Natalie did not have time to recover, as he deftly turned her on her stomach and habitually inserted his hard dick in her taut and trained ass. Natalie screamed, so unexpected that was. Then she felt a subtle pain, gradually passing into the sweet languor. Finally she felt herself very light, as if she was flying. And then as if something exploded inside, something hot like a volcano. It was powerful and all-destroying orgasm...

It was dark night already. Only the stars lit up the river and the new moon was reflected in the water.

It was very romantic. Even too much. Nothing broke the stillness of the night, even the birds were quiet.

- Do you like something new in sex? - asked Natalie.

- Oh, baby, of course! - said Antonio, realizing that his passionate girlfriend wanted to start something again.

- Let's try something brand new! - said Natalie. – Do you want to feel my hot jet on your face...

However, Natalie didn't even need to finish. Antonio understood her perfectly.

So he lay down near the water his back down and closed his eyes. Natalie sat comfortably above over him and began pouring thin but hot trickle on him. Antonio could feel pleasant caressing streams running over his face. They got in his ears, but passionate Antonio did not care about that. He put his tongue out and licked his lips over. He was feeling good.

He hugged Natalie and they both fell into the night cold river. But they were so badly turned on that cold water could not stop them. They were rolling over the shallow water, embracing each other tight.

Finally, Natalie said:

- Oh, it’s cold, let's go on at home!

And brave lovers returned home, where they continued their dirty games. But this is quite another story :)