Sasha came home early and in a good mood. It was Friday, and work problem were left behind until Monday. Olga was waiting for him at home.

- Go and take a shower, - she said, - And wash thoroughly!

- What should I wash thoroughly? - he asked.

- Everything! – His wife smiled.

He quickly took a shower, dried his hair and went to the bedroom, where he saw... nothing special. Frowning, he turned to the closet, opened the door to take his underwear and saw a pinned note: "Go to the living room..." - read Sasha.

He paid attention to his state - the waiting for something secret seized and excited him. "What awaits me tonight? What did she mean saying “thoroughly”?" He quickly passed the electric razor over the cheeks and the chin, sprayed some cologne on and smoothed his hair before going to the living room.

Olga was sitting in the wide armchair, her long red hair was loose. She was dressed in a shirt and trousers, and there was a blanket lying on her lap. The woman gestured for him to come closer. She slowly stroked the inside of his thigh, staring into his eyes. The sensation of her hand in the area of testicles was incredible, and his hardened dick pulsed. She stroked his cock and slowly lowered the hand in the cleavage between the buttocks. She caressed his ass, then gently patted and pressed the TV remote button.

Sasha turned around to have a look and on the screen he saw a naked woman wearing a strap-on dildo. Olga took his hand and turned him around so that he was standing in front of her. When her hands grabbed his hips, she pressed down, and Sasha appeared on his knees.

He removed the blanket and discovered her pants were a bit pulled down, and she was also wearing a strap-on. It was black, about twenty centimeters long and about four in diameter. That was very unusual. Sasha looked over his shoulder to see what was happening on the screen. There was a blonde with a pink cock and a man on his knees sucking.

He turned back to Olga, bent down lower and kissed the black, nothing smelling cock, then took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

Sasha swallowed it deep enough, still having no experience in doing that and sucked it just merely understanding how to do it, remembering how his wife had done that to him. Olga took him by the hair and pushed his head down, having moved her hips towards him. Obviously, that dildo somehow stimulated her clit. Sasha realized that, judging by the excited, pre-orgasmed expression of his wife’s face. Olga took his hand and lifted them up, so he could caress her breasts.

Sasha realized that he couldn’t take it deeper, took the dildo out of his mouth, went down and pressed his tongue to her vulvar lips. He found her clit, although it was hard to get because of the straps supporting the dildo, but he managed and began gently soothing it with his tongue. He thrust a finger in her vagina, and began twisting it inside until he found the known point, evoking the ocean of emotions in his wife. His tongue continued work with her clit and another finger gently caressed her anus.

Olga even managed to open her eyes and see what was happening on the screen, where the blonde with the black cock fucked the man, having put him on his knees. That time her husband had brought her to the first orgasm of the night.

Sasha turned his head and also began to watch what was happening on the screen. At that time, Olga, without a word, forced him to take the similar position. The man was frightened at first, but somehow the finger of his wife in the area of the anus, lubricated with something cold and slippery, encouraged him.

First it was painful, but when the sphincter relaxed, Sasha began to listen to the new sensations. It should be noted that they were quite pleasant. The hard piston was moving in his ass up and down penetrating deeper and deeper with every movement. Finally, he felt Olga’s belly touched his buttocks. Sasha thought that a little bit deeper and he would've been punctured through. But the pleasure only grew with that thought. Especially good it was when Olga was changing the direction of motions, and the dildo started to massage the prostate. His wife apparently remembered all those things had been done with her by Sasha while having anal sex and then Sasha's anus became the object of sexual aggression. She changed the direction, the depth and the frequency of thrusts. The man was pouring sweat, but on the other hand, his ass was sweating as well, making the penetration more gentle and pleasant.

His wife was moaning. She stretched out her hand stroking his cock. It was already beyond his power, and he violently ejaculated, Olga had cum as well. But she didn’t hurry to get out of him. Exhausted she fell down on him from above. He also fell down on his stomach. Then Olga carefully took the strap-on out, removed it from her and asked:

- Did you like it?

- Very much.

Sasha abruptly jumped up, but the dull pain in the ass that just lost its virginity brought him back to reality and, taking his wife's hand, he slowly walked to the bedroom.