The new employee

The name of the new employee of our department was Kate. The petite brunette immediately drew my attention - she stood out against the employees of our company with her ease in communication and the fact she loved to wear open-toe shoes.

At the sight of her feet in black sandals I hardly restrained moaning, her toes, neatly covered with light nylon, fascinated me...

We often remained tet-a-tete having easy chat, but I was hesitant to start a conversation on this topic for fear of misunderstanding on her part.

One warm summer evening, Kate flew into the office and plopped down in the chair. Meanwhile, I was reading papers, sitting on the table.

- Why out of breath?

- Much of running from office to office with reports – the elevator’s dead.

- Mucky-a-muck getting on, huh?

- That’s ok, I'm almost done. It’s good everybody’s left and I can relax, my feet are aching so much.

“That’s the chance!” (Flashed in my head).

- Let me do a foot massage to you. You will feel better.

- Well, come on. – Kate laughed, - But be delicate – the feet are my erogenous zone.

- You'll love it. - I said smiling. The twinkle in her eyes made my heart beat faster.

She leaned back in the chair and stretched out her right foot. I gently unshoed it, then did the same for the left one and started gently, but hard enough massaging Kate’s foot and toes. My fingers were gently sliding over the smooth nylon caressing each toe of her beautiful feet. When she gave me the second leg, I was distracted from my emotions and noticed Kate lying on the armchair rolling her eyes and moaning slightly, the wraparound skirt opened up a bit and I saw her flowing: under thin nylon I could easily see white panties soaked through. I could no longer hold back. I raised her heel to my mouth and stuck to the arch of the foot with wet kiss licking her fingers. Kate caved in groaning, put a hand on her crotch, her free foot caressing my penis through the pants. It was my turn to moan. I began gently biting her toes, so she was furiously moaning and rubbing her wet crotch through the pantyhose. I freed the cock from the pants and put her feet on my trunk. Kate loved it very much - she gripped my penis with her feet and caressed, while her free hand lowered the straps of her shirt and dug her sharp nails into the nipple. From that sight I felt dizzy - before my eyes there was a girl - the object of my desires, her both hands caressing her, not forgetting to jerk my cock off with her feet. Her toes fluttered over my trunk, stroking the head and rubbing the crotch. She got her feet up under my shirt, stroking my chest, pinching the nipples and again getting down to the cock. I could no longer hold it back. She knew it, and clasped the cock head with her toes massaging it. I shuddered, and thick and warm cum flowed over her toes and over her foot arch. Thick white drops were smoothly sliding over the transparent nylon, leaving wet trace behind. Having felt the warm jets of sperm flowing over her feet, Kate dug her pearly nails into the wet pantyhose cloth and the panties on her crotch. She arched and cum groaning. Her legs slid across my stomach and the chest, smearing the warm cum over...