Here is my vacation coming. How long I've been waiting for this day. Tomorrow I’m leaving for the sea. Two weeks of life on the island. Usually we go to the sea together with the whole family, but this year something went wrong, and I had to go alone. I got to the island about 11 PM. I had just enough time to put up the tent and go to sleep. In the morning I went to get acquainted with the neighbors. I chose pretty deserted place for the parking.

The way to the closest neighbors would take about thirty minutes, so I was in no hurry walking slowly. On the way I met a very beautiful girl. Her name was Tanya. She was coming back from the village where she was going for groceries. As a true gentleman I helped her carry the bags. Tanya came there with the family. Her parents turned out to be good and kind. I stayed at their place until the evening and went out into the night. I guess, Tanya liked me. She kept on casting looks at me and casually touched me with her tanned feet. I was thinking about her the whole night. She impressed me much. I woke up late, washed and started exercising. During push-ups, I heard someone's cautious steps. Turning my head I saw Tanya.

- You are hard to sneak up on, - hiding her annoyance, she grumbled.

Only now I noticed what she was wearing. The bikini almost did not hide her high and firm breasts. And the panties as well. She seemed ideal to me.

- Let's go swimming, - I offered.

- Ok, Come on.

We were swimming for a long time and with pleasure.

Then Tanya dived and with one deft movement pulled my trunks off and cheerful crying "Catch up!" she swam out to the shore and ran into the woods. I followed her running. I caught up with her already in the woods. Having knocked her down to the ground, I was about to ask her a question, but her lips clung to mine, and her playful hands began fondling my tool. I pulled away from her greedy lips, put a hand on her nape and drew her to my cock. Very carefully Tanya kissed the head of my dick. Then she licked it a few times. Then, her eyes closed, she took the head of my dick in her mouth. Her tongue flitted around the cock head, her head was moving back and forth massaging the cock with the lips, and the right hand caressed its root in time with the movements of the head. When a hot wave began growing in my stomach, I felt I was literally fucking her in the mouth. A few moments later a thick jet of sperm splashed out in her mouth. She swallowed it all. My hands were also busy. I was gently squeezing her breasts and then softly pulling the nipples. Her nipples swelled up. Tanya was moaning with my caress. This made my trunk rise again. I pulled Tanya's panties off and put her legs on my shoulders. "Take me..." whispered Tanya. I didn't keep her waiting long. The soft furry mound between her legs greeted me with warmth and moisture. Several times I passed the cock between her lips and slowly entered her, feeling her hot and moist flesh enveloping my cock. I moved faster on and on, harder and deeper driving my tool in. Tanya arched, her mouth half-opened, she was breathing heavily and moaning softly. I pulled out my cock and slipped my hand between her legs. Tanya frantically squeezed her legs and uttered a long and loud moan. I wanted something else. I looked at Tanya. She was trembling from just experienced pleasure. I propped up a bit, firmly took my wet cock in a hand, put it against Tanya's anus and pressed hard. It hurt a bit. Her eyes widened, and her hands dug into the moss she was lying on. I was fucking her in the ass about 5 minutes. Then I went to wash. When I returned, I helped Tanya to go to wash, to get dressed and walked her to her tent. The next day she came to me again, and the following day as well. She was coming to me every day. Then I left for home.

But Tanya’s become the girl I will never forget.