Threesome for the first time

It was three years ago. I was 20, my friend Oleg was 24. I knew Oleg’s friend Andrew about a year. I liked him, he was interesting and easy to talk to. Of course, I saw him interested in me not just as in the person to have a good talk, but we never tried to get closer and he didn't try to seduce me with respect to Oleg. As he told me later, he wanted me always and constantly, and especially on that evening - it was hot and I was wearing just a tube top and a light skirt. We were sitting and drinking "Source". Andrew went out to the balcony to have a smoke and Oleg and I went to the kitchen to put the kettle on. Oleg whispered in my ear that my dress was too skimpy and when I bend, the nipples could be seen over the cut of the top. Oleg said that he liked it but he noticed also that Andrew looked there too and must have seen them. I said I could go and put on a bra if it bothered him. Then he pressed me to the wall and began kissing me.

I felt his hand on my thigh, then on my tummy, then his fingers slid into my panties caressing me in there. We were both a little drunk, extremely aroused and we did not care about another person in the apartment. As for Andrew, having found us and seen what we were doing, he didn't even think to get out of the kitchen. He stayed leaning against the door and watching my pulled up top revealed my breasts, Oleg’s fingers caressing my nipples and the other hand got from the front under the skirt fumbling in my panties. When I noticed his presence, I naturally pushed Oleg away and pulled down my skirt. I was a little mad at Andrew for he was watching, but firstly, he was not hiding, and secondly, to confess I was pleased to tease him.

Then at night, vodka ran out and we went to bed. Andrew laid on the other bed. Oleg was gently caressing me under the sheets. I really wanted him as well, but I was confused by the presence of Andrew, for I heard he was not asleep. He was tossing and turning over and then he said that we had given him a severe test for his mentality and he frankly asked where it was allowed to jerk off in our apartment. While I was thinking how to behave in such a situation, Oleg said that it was possible anywhere, but our bed was quite the thing. Andrew asked me if I didn’t mind. I said I didn't mind. I was excited and curious to see what would happen then. Andrew took off the briefs and sat down on our bed from Oleg’s side. Of course, he already had it up.

It was really UP. The room was illuminated from the outside lights and I could see everything. Andrew’s was slightly thicker than that of Oleg and frankly speaking prettier. Andrew took his cock slowly, very slowly stroking it. It rang in my ears, I was as if hypnotized. Not looking away I watched him stroking himself, then I slightly moved away from Oleg wrapped in the sheet and put my head on his (Oleg’s) thigh. Andrew asked me if I wanted to get rid of the sheet, to make him more comfortable, but I heard him as if in a dream, I was only watching the movements of his hand. In the end I couldn’t help it and never looking away from Andrew, I pulled Oleg’s briefs a bit down and began masturbating him, simultaneously trying to repeat the movements of Andrew. My other hand I softly drove between my legs so that no one could see. That was being on for about a minute, and then Andrew, still masturbating, lay down next to Oleg and put his other hand on top of mine and squeezed it. When Oleg’s cock began shuddering in our hands, and splashing out sperm, I broke down and pressed my lips to the cock head, sucking the remaining drops, and then went on licking the cum from his cock and stomach from his fingers and Andrew’s. Capturing his fingers in my mouth, I felt myself coming. I didn't care any longer. I threw off the sheet and openly began rubbing between the legs.

Andrew pulled his fingers out of my mouth, and ducked under me. I was so pleased. I pressed the underbelly to his tongue and began to jerk off his cock at a furious pace, catching it with my lips, and holding his cock head in my mouth. His tongue was just driving me crazy, I was dripping wet. Sometimes his tongue got in my ass and I thought my heart would pop out, so good I felt. Andrew apparently didn't want to cum in my mouth and turning me on my back, he started kissing my body. Oleg lay nearby and watched him kissing my slender tanned legs and biting them a little bit. He runs his tongue along the thigh and touches my tummy with his lips, at the same time caressing my clit and hard pubic hair. When Andrew took my nipples with his lips, I moaned and Oleg fell closer kissing my other breast. When he slightly bit my nipple, caressing its tip with his tongue, his hand squeezing and massaging my ass, sometimes touching my wet lips, I felt such a bright orgasm that I almost lost my consciousness.

Oleg turned me back on the belly, his knee spread my legs and he plunged into me. I don't remember what happened next. I just didn't reflect what was going on. I had cum several times while Oleg and Andrew were simultaneously fucking me from front and behind. But I remember they put me across the bed so that my head was a bit overhung down and Andrew was standing over my face and I took his tool in my mouth, sometimes licking his balls, while Oleg was fucking me holding my spread legs with his hands.

That's the story. Later I had such-like sex again with other men, but this is the first time I will remember best of all...