Fulfilled fantasy

One day my wife told me that she would like to have group sex with me and another guy. I thought she was kidding. I was not too much inspired with this idea. My wife said that she didn’t want to have group sex with someone we knew. Several months had passed, and I forgot about our conversation with wife.

I came home from work and found Melissa chatting to the guys eager to take part in group sex, and she already had a list of candidates that I could approve. I was a little stunned, but she was so horny with the idea of having group sex that I dropped away any objections. I looked through the list and our choice fell on the guy who lived in another country and the next week he was planning to come to our city on vacation. The guy's name was Gary.

Melissa had always been attracted to military men and that was her best fantasy, she even asked our new friend to dress up in military uniform for us.

I was looking forward to the opportunity of having group sex, as each passing day before that event brought me ever-increasing pleasure. Each night sex with Melissa was getting better and better. She was so aroused in anticipation of threesome sex, that she wanted me to fuck her every day and to do things that we normally didn't do. It was the best sex in our lives so far for three years we had lived together.

I love anal sex, but Melissa always complains she did not like it. The week before our date I fucked her in the ass every night. She said she wanted to try double penetration and it would be better if we prepared her ass for that.

When finally the day came to meet Gary, I told Melissa that it was still not too late to give up the idea. Despite the fact we had great sex because of the impending agreement, I still didn’t like the idea of my wife having sex with another man. All I heard in response were the words: "I am ready". It was said with a very wide smile on her face.

Gary arrived in time, but he wasn’t dressed for the occasion. Immediately after the introduction Melissa sent him into the bedroom, where she had put one of my old uniform.

When he came out, completely dressed Melissa kissed him on the lips. To make sure that I was not going to be jealous, she knelt down before me and pulled my soft cock out, stroking it. Standing in the doorway of our bedroom, I realized that was the point of no return.

At the same time, she drew Gary closer to her and hugged him to get his very large and erect cock out. He turned it to her cheek and smiled to me when she pulled my half-up organ out of her mouth and put Gary’s huge penis in, greedily having licked it with her tongue. She was sucking our cocks in turns, but it took me a long time to get my penis entirely hard. I closed my eyes and it helped me to imagine that we together with Melissa alone, and Gary was not there.

The rest of the night was rather blurry. That was awesome. I had cum only once, but I managed to hold on for a long time. Gary had cum three times and I'm sure Melissa had lost count of her orgasms. Some of the most memorable scenes had sunk deeply into my memory. Holding my cock in her mouth and not looking back, Melissa threw a bottle of lubrication to Gary, and she let my cock out just to say: "I want you to fuck me in the ass".

He lubed her anus and abundantly smeared his dick over. I'll never forget their faces as she arched in the moment when the head of his cock penetrated into her smaller hole. There was a light smile on his face, and I think he was saying: "Oh yeah". He was not very gentle, and when he grabbed her hips and forcefully drove his big dick in her ass, Melissa's eyes almost bulged. I was going to stop him, but the initial surprise of my wife turned into a low happy moan, and she stopped sucking my spear, to ask him to go on fucking her in the ass as hard as he could.

He had been fucking her in the ass a couple of minutes before she began to insist on having double penetration. I lay down on the floor, and Melissa inserted my penis into her crack, and Gary added much of lubricant on his penis and Melissa’s anus. I felt that he had thrust in her, and it was a very strange feeling. Her pussy seemed getting hotter with every friction. Gary and I had cum almost simultaneously, and Melissa loved every minute of threesome sex.

I was exhausted after my single orgasm, but Melissa and Gary still wanted to go on fucking. They took a shower together, while I told them that I was going to sleep on the couch. I lay down listening to Melissa’s screams and slapping sounds of their copulating bodies.

When Gary was leaving, he said goodbye to me, waving his hand from the front door. I heard they kissed and told each other "goodbye". I was happy I could let my wife fulfill her fantasy, but I was much more happy that we would never see Gary again.

Then I was able to convince Melissa to invite another woman into our bed. Yesterday we found a beautiful blonde on the same interactive website and made arrangements for another threesome sex on the next weekend. Melissa agreed to exchange caresses with her. I love my wife, but I'm going to do everything possible to make sure she will let me have sex with another woman before her eyes.