On the balcony

It happened so suddenly that I’m still in the state of misunderstanding of what had happened, but of course, all that brought me great pleasure and that’s why I’m pleased to recall it. But let’s start step by step... It was in the evening, I was invited to the birthday party of one of my old girlfriends, her name was Vika. At the appointed time, I was standing on the threshold of her apartment, she opened the door being in a charming beige dress with deep décolleté. I was impressed much, but carried it off, saying just “You look lovely”. She smiled and invited me in.

The party in the house was already in full swing. There were many friends, music was playing and we had fun. As usual at such events we were drinking, but not much - everything was very civilized and the atmosphere was conducive to normal rest. The dancing began. Vika was already boozy and danced quite erotically to the delight of the male contingent. I was staring at her. Her forms attracted to her and I visualized me kissing her shoulders, her lips, stroking her body, and although I didn’t think about her from this side, apparently the whole celebration aroused such impressions in me. Having come “back on earth” I decided to go to the balcony and smoke a cigarette. Standing there and thinking about something, I heard her voice from behind... “Are you bored?” “No”, I said. “Just decided to get some fresh air”.

I gave her a cigarette and we had a nice talk. The celebration continued and through the open door of the room we saw our friends dancing and raised their glasses. The unexpectedness of what was happening I gasped. Vika’s hand lay below my belt and started to move up and down over the pants. I instinctively looked up at her. She was standing without showing any emotion and talking about something, but I already didn’t care. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. Her warm and soft hands were playing with it like with her favorite kitten. She stroked over its entire length while talking about weather, or nature - I did not understand. My thoughts were already far away.

Her boyfriend went on having fun and drinking, through the window of the balcony it was clearly visible. I missed the moment when Vika squatted and took my dick in her mouth and swallowed it deeply, and I automatically took hold of her head and began moving her head as I felt more comfortable. She was insatiable. Her other hand appeared under her skirt, she penetrated her finger into her deeper and deeper and I could hear her moaning. I could not wait any longer, and I absolutely did not care if anyone could see us with such a piquant occupation. I turned her to the balcony window and began frantically fucking her from behind. She was just moaning with pleasure making upward movements. The chaos on the balcony was growing... I took my overexcited cock and thrust it in her ass to her great pleasure. She grabbed my ass squeezing me harder and harder.

Thrust by thrust we were making love, when she felt that I was close. Vika turned around exposing my organ to her face. I came directly onto her open mouth, her cheeks and the nose, but she didn't stop there and began to suck squeezing me to the last drop. After some time we were done and we sat down again at the table, raising toasts and dancing...