The first experience

I have read a lot of stories about "it", but honestly, it is hard to believe that at least half of them are true. I decided to tell about my homosexual experience as it is. I mean about what you actually feel at that. The idea to try having sex with a man came to me at 27. Before that, I occasionally practiced anal sex with my girlfriend, and I always wondered what she feels at that (as for me, I was feeling good). She assured me she liked it, but I always wanted to check it out. So I began looking for a partner. But how do I find him? I placed an ad on the website saying that a young man (a virgin) wants to try. Imagine my surprise that after placing an ad in the morning, by the evening of the same day I had about 10 replies from different people. As far as I remember I replied to just a few of them, randomly pointing at the list with the mouse. I’m not going to describe the correspondence, this is not that interested, but 2 days later I agreed with one of them about the meeting. So, my 1-st experience. I don’t remember the name, and I’m not going to lie, let's call him Sam. He was 6 years older than me and he worked as a programmer in a major company. In general, after having met once, we agreed the next day to rent an apartment and have sex. So that happened. The next day we met at the rented apartment. 

I don't remember exactly what we were talking about, but after 5 minutes we got undressed. Sam’s cock was about 17х4 and it was up almost vertically. He wanted me to do a blowjob to him, but I couldn't overcome myself. He caressed me with his hands and kissed all over, but honestly, all that was a bit unpleasant to me and I urged him to get down to having sex. Then Sam suddenly said that for the first time and not to hurt me much, he wants my legs on his shoulders. He said that was the posture supposedly giving the least pain. Then he put a condom on and thickly smeared it with a cream. He raised my legs on his shoulders, put the head of his cock to my ass and with one really sharp thrust he got in me. I barely remember everything that happened after that. Wild sharp pain pierced my entire body. Shocked I could not even scream, and my consciousness grew dim. Imagine that you are pulled on a stake and ripped in halves. Something warm flew over my ass, and putting my hand there, I smeared it all with my own blood. As for Sam, he got scared, did just a few movements and got out of me. After that we dressed quickly. He tried to calm me down and said that could happen and that he warned about that, but we broke up and never saw each other again. My ass was slightly torn in the groin, it was very hurt and was getting healed for almost a month. And when it healed, the thought to try again was visiting me. The scheme was already known. I placed the ad again and met a young man then. Vladimir was about of my age and lived alone. The next day, without any preliminary correspondence he just called me and said that he bought some beer and he was waiting for me home at 6 PM. At the appointed time I arrived. The 2-nd experience. Having drunk a bottle of beer in the kitchen, we moved to the bedroom and got undressed. After that Vladimir lay on the bed his back down, spread his legs and simply said – come on, suck it. 

To my opinion, his cock was just huge, about 20 cm long and the diameter of about 5 cm with the huge purple-red head. “What the hell”, I thought and began doing my first blowjob. I tried to do it like my girlfriend always did: I sucked and licked the head, kissing the balls and sliding my lips over the trunk. The cock was huge and literally just didn't fit my mouth. After 10 minutes I was tired. “You're a great sucker”, said Vladimir, “But I want a little different way”. Then he put me my back down on the bed, put a pillow under my head, and he lay on top of me so that his cock appeared right in front of my lips. I just took it in my mouth. “Don't do anything”, said Vladimir, “Just open your mouth, and I'll do everything by myself”. I was no longer able to do anything. My head was pressed to the bed by his body. Then he started just fucking me in the mouth. The first minute I felt nothing but the blows on the face with his stomach and tried to hold back the gag reflex when Vladimir’s cock got up to the throat. Then the feeling of vomiting suddenly passed, and I was just feeling a huge head moving inside of my throat. The sharp smell of sweat was even arousing me. Suddenly Vladimir slightly pulled back and began to cum right in my mouth. 

He was cumming long and much. “Swallow”, he said, “Otherwise you’ll choke”. There was no way out: my head was pressed to the bed by his body, and it seemed to me I had swallowed the whole glass of cum. It was tasteless and slightly smelled like bleach. Vladimir stood up and said, “Lie down now. I will bring beer for you to wash it down”. Oddly enough, after a couple of minutes when he was back with the beer, his cock was already up in arm. I did just a couple of pulls, when he said, “Come on, pose doggy style and quicker”. I obediently posed. Vladimir did not put on a condom. He put a little cream on the cock head, and began slowly entering me. I would even say - very slowly. The sensation was as if you are getting filled from the inside with something huge and very hot. Oddly enough, despite the huge size of his cock, there was no pain at all. Having got into me all in, Vladimir held on for a moment, and then furiously began to fuck me. Wild jumping session had lasted about 15 minutes. Then suddenly I felt the familiar itching in the lower belly and involuntarily I began to cum. Can you imagine! I was cumming because another man was fucking me!!! Vladimir was cumming as well. I felt his cock throbbing somewhere deep inside of me and something hot pulsing and flowing. All in all, the sensation is unforgettable!!! Then we got dressed, drank some more beer and broke away. I've never seen him anymore. Now I live with my girlfriend, and when she tells me she cums while having anal sex, I believe her. Since that time I have never tried it again with a man. But sometimes, recalling this, I’m getting that itching in the lower belly. I tried to date with someone else several times, but unsuccessfully (after 2-3 letters it was over), and after that I said good-bye to that idea. But sometimes in my fantasies I imagine myself with a man again…