On the riverside in the bushes

It was a usual day boding nothing good. In the morning ,as always I had had breakfast and went to work. The working day passed in continuous fussing about, but in the middle of the day I had got a call from my friend I hadn't heard for ages. He invited me for a visit. In the evening, after the visit, pretty drunk I and my wife were heading back home. Our way was running through a wasteland and a small river. On the riverside there grew pretty vast thickets of bushes. In autumn it’s getting dark early, and therefore though it was about 8 PM, it was dark enough. We came up to the river, and my wife looked around and said, “Wait for me”. With those words she turned to the bushes. In my head there immediately emerged the stories read in the internet, and I followed her, on the way unzipping the fly on the jeans. My wife heard me coming from behind, turned around and wanted to say something, but I made her sit down and put my stiffened penis in her mouth. She never refused to do a blowjob, especially when she was tipsy. Soon I felt I was no longer able to hold back, and I held her head. She was impatiently shifting from foot to foot asking to move aside a bit. I put my hand into her panties and felt her pussy was wet with anticipation. 

My wife was groaning and shifting from foot to foot, and I bent her over and pushed her panties aside. Her pussy was extremely wet. However, it always happens like that when my wife drinks a little of wine. My cock entered this pink softness and began moving in there. In less than a minute as she came. I also could no longer hold it back and splashed a jet of sperm right in her. My wife sat down with a groan and her pussy began dripping, first a small trickle, and then a small stream. My dream has come true. I've always wanted to see a woman pissing. I got horny in a moment and I put the cock in my wife’s mouth. She was pissing and sucking my dick at the same time. This time I came pretty quickly and she drank all to the last drop. 

When she got up, she said that she had never ever had such an orgasm with oral sex. Then she tilted her head to one side and offered to try the same at home, adding that there I would be able to watch everything with all the details.