It's the first step that is assome

- Yeah, you are a great sucker, - I said, rolling my eyes up to the ceiling, - And now pour some beer for me. 

Galya licked my dick over once again, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and stood up. Beautiful body! Not very big but firm breasts with sticking out nipples, slim waist, wide enough hips. She poured some beer for me and sat down on the edge of the sofa. I dried the glass with one gulp, rolled over on my stomach and asked my girlfriend to stroke my back. Galya knew how to bring pleasure; she kissed my neck, the back, at the same time tickling me with her gorgeous nipples and one hand stroking my head, and the second hand fondling the testicles. After a few minutes I was again ready to make love with this adorable girl. Rolling over I put her on top and she started jumping. I had to be just lying there and enjoy, watching Galya’s swaying tits and how she, throwing back her head, was biting her lips to avoid screaming with pleasure from coming orgasm. Finally Galya did several abrupt movements and froze. A moan of bliss fell off her lips. She sank down onto my chest and my dick slipped out of her wet hole. 

I was patting my girlfriend over the back, the ass, gently massaging her hot body. I wanted to go on and I got out from under Galina, she remained lying on her stomach. Now I kissed her back and with both hands squeezed her ample buttocks. Thrusting my his right hand between her thighs I was playing with her wet lips and the clitoris, not forgetting to immerse one or two fingers into the vagina. When Galya became moving her pelvis toward my hand, I thoroughly moistened my thumb in her juice and rested it against her anus and began stroking it easily. My girl froze for a few seconds, but my fingers would not stop stimulating her dripping pussy, and she relaxed again. Gradually I was penetrating into her other hole - no reaction. Then I increased the pressure and ramming her both holes with my hand all out. My girlfriend was moaning with pleasure. She said she had never had the experience of anal sex before, and it was probably true, but I really wanted to become the first man from this side. Having brought Galya to the extreme arousal, I turned her on her back and started to fuck her in the classic position. 

My hands were under her buttocks, and one finger appeared in her anus again. Moans and groans never subsided, and now two fingers were driving to and fro in the cherished hole, thanks to the juice flowing down there from her vagina. I felt Galya was going to cum soon, I threw her legs on my shoulders and paced up. A little more and my girlfriend was shaking. I’m pulling my wet dick from the vagina, turn it to the already worked out ass, insert it slowly, not deep, just the head. It goes easy because of the abundant lubrication, but Galya softly moaned. Then I’m working again with my hand. Without removing the cock from her anus, I thrust two fingers into her vagina, massaging the clitoris. My fingers are agile, and the girl is excitable, so she immediately relaxed and groaned. I’m moving my cock in her ass, but same not deep to let her get used to it, my hand is work with her pussy non-stop, both of us feeling good. I’m gradually increasing the pressure and now I'm all in with my tool in the virgin anus of the beautiful girl, and she seems not to have any significant discomfort. Now it's my time to cum, I’m quickening the movements of my hips and the hand, both of her holes are being stretched in time with my movements. Having pulled the penis completely out, I’m driving it back, so I repeat it several times, and finally I’m cumming having squeezed her crotch hard. Galya’s cumming as well. We are blissing out, lying in each other’s embrace, kissing and caressing each other all over. 

- Weren’t you hurt? - I asked. 

- A little bit, but that's okay, because you were pleased, - she gently looked at me. Having taken a shower, we were sitting on the sofa drinking cool beer. To my sudden surprise Galya said:

- Let's do it again, - and as if in response to my surprised look, she added, - I want in the ass again, I want to give you tonight a little holiday, just be same gentle, please. 

Wow! Up to this day, I have repeatedly tried to persuade her to have anal sex and have been always rebuffed. Having finished her beer, Galya knocked me down on my back and sucked my hanging cock in her mouth. I closed my eyes with pleasure. My girlfriend is a good sucker, and here my penis is up already. Galya sat on me and started slowly movements. A minute after she got off me and took it in her mouth again, her hands stroking my testicles. This is so pleasant! I even felt too lazy to move, I was just lying there with my eyes closed and blissing out. 

- Well...? - She broke away from sucking and looked at me. 

- Honey, maybe you'll do it? - I said, reluctantly opening my eyes. 

- Of course, darling, - and she moved her mouth to my dick again. 

Her left hand was holding the trunk while sucking the head, and her right one was fondling between her legs. She moistened my cock with saliva good enough. Then she rose and turned back to me. She spat on her fingers, parted the buttocks and moistened her anus. Having grabbed my cock, she was slowly pulling her ass on it. Being on a couple of cm, she stopped. I waited patiently and didn't urge her, just easily stroking on the back. Deciding that it was time, Galya began going down slowly, swaying from side to side. It was worth watching; the sight of beautiful female butt pulling onto your penis is very fascinating. When she touched my pubis with her buttocks, a quiet moan escaped off her lips, but she immediately sat up so that just the cock head stayed in her ass, and she immediately fell down sharply again. Here it was my turn to moan with pleasure. 

- Are you okay, honey ? 

- Yes, dear, very well. I adore you. 

Galya got already much aroused, her hands playing with her clit. Those minutes were unforgettable. I had cum so bright, but my girlfriend went on pulling her ass on my weakening cock and fondling her with a hand. Another few seconds and she leans back on me. The cock slips out of her anus dripping on me. I’m gently stroking Galya over her chest and the belly. 

- I adore you, - I whisper. 

- I love you, - She whispers back.