Sudden adventure

It was like this... nothing boded any adventure.

I dropped in the car shop just to chat, but there was no one in the shop, I went into the second room of the assembly - slot machines hall. There was no one either, but for the young girl of 19 working there and the older one of about 26.

In short, I came in, standing there talking about something, the girls already took another strong drink, and I'm still as sober as a judge, that’s not good, so I went to buy some low-alcohol drinks, and drink it with the girls. They were good, and I wanted something good, so I instantly laid his eye on the older one, she was collecting her stuff to leave. I think to myself, it would be cool to drive you, baby. She took almast an hour. I think it’s late, the night will pass by while we are beginning, we’d better speed things up, and as soon as she said once again that she needed to leave, I say “No problem, I'll give you a ride”. The road was long, all through the town, and it was about + 6 degrees outside, but we had in your degree inside, so we didn’t care.

We are sitting on the scooter and rushing forward chattering. Then I say, “What if we take a couple of bottles of soft drink and sit somewhere on the bench”. OK, agreed. I’m asking her what to take, but she didn’t care, so I decided to take beer for her (to bring her quicker to the condition) and a cocktail for me. We settled on a bench, had a drink and technically I’m bringing her to the topic of sex. I see the girl is more than adult one, so she should have understood everything, and I see she did. The first step is the hardest, that’s true. But I did it, influenced by alcohol, of course, for I’m shy usually. I began with her ear, as if whispering something, but at the same time kissing. She is so sweet! She was getting turned on just at my sight. I passed to the kissing on the lips little by little, she‘s still not losing ground. Then I’m getting under her jacket figuring out what kind of treasure was waiting for me there. The treasure was of the second size, but that’s ok. Keep on fondling, turning her on. It was getting colder outside, I’m hugging her tighter and kissing more passionately. She is entirely turned on and asking about the next step. I think to myself, that it is so late, maybe, it’s better to postpone it for tomorrow. I say, there’s a flat in the downtown, we may go there or postpone everything for tomorrow. She says, tomorrow is not the option: tonight or never. I think to myself, there is a mess in the flat, but then considering the alcohol in the blood, I spat on that. Let’s take a ride. We got on my old good scooter and took off. It ‘s getting colder and colder, we have been outside for a long time, so we are riding and shivering, for I didn’t expect I would be staying out so long and I didn’t expect the sleepless night either. So we are at the place, ice cold we are rushing to the hot bathroom. At the flat there was just a bed sheet to lie on and our jackets to cover. So we got on our improvised bedding. I have shot my load, but she wanted more, so I helped her with my hands, but she was so passionate that it was not enough for her, my hands even tired. She was multiorgasmic She is cumming bright and often. Even when she says she cannot, I’m giving her a break but then turning her on and she gets another brighter orgasm. We calmed down about six in the morning. It was cool (in two meanings of the word). We had a talk about some intimate moments. I’m asking, if she is so passionate, why she doesn’t have a man, and how she gets out of this situation. She says, she is doing everything by herself. I say, show me. And she did. Maybe, she decided to have it all out, or maybe, she was tired of being and doing by her own. Still I liked it. I met her once again, it was super as well.

That’s all, folks.