Kangaroo went to the river

Just to freshen up her beaver.

On the quiet riverside

She put down her fluffy pride

In the water for a while.

Damn! There was a crocodile!

Crocodile was smart. Of course,

Drove his meat down to the balls,

Shot the load and waved his bat.

(Girls got used to shit like that).

This romance would have been gone,

But a suitcase had been born.

Made of croc. Extremely chumping.

It was also good at jumping.

All in all, that bastard was

Supermegacool, of course.

T’was a freaky kind of splice,

But the croc has solid price.

It’s expensive, nice and real.

Kangaroo has got the deal

With the crocodile forever

Having profit now and ever.

Kangaroos in lines of miles

Go to fuck with crocodiles.

Wives of crocs are left behind,

Hubbies got just fluff in mind.

Banging kangaroo females

Raises up the total sales

Inland and a lot abroad,

On demand and just for sport.

Benefit comes from about

Making money, blissing out.

The idea of this fable

Drops a hint - a cunt is able

To be used in proper way

For your business done OK.