My erotic dream

One night, at midnight, when my parents weren't home, I decided to watch my neighbors from the opposite house. The house was close, but I took the binoculars to watch the details. It was a hot night, so almost all the windows were wide open, and the curtains are moved apart - the view was wonderful. I got more comfortable on the wide windowsill, sincerely hoping that someone from the street would see me (because of the heat I had to remove everything except summer robe). This is so exciting! Many of people have not yet gone to bed, walking over their apartments almost without no clothes and without knowing they are being watched.

Here is a young couple arguing about something in the kitchen. She has a top and panties, he is in briefs. They are drinking something, then they start to fool around, and suddenly the girl appears on her knees before the man. Smiling, she pulls his pants off, strokes his buttocks, takes his cock in her hand and slowly licks it like ice cream. Her eyes are closed with pleasure, it seems, she can do it a long time. First, the guy looked at her, then threw his head back and leaned against the table. The girl suddenly gets up and goes to the fridge, but he stops her, holds her close her back to him, lifts the shirt up and grabs her small tits with his both hands. (This sight made me rather aroused, but I’m just slightly stroking my chest without touching the nipples – the more the merrier). The girl is breathing deeply and rapidly, actively moving her ass, and two fingers of her right hand rubbing between her legs. Well, here is the culmination, finally! He bent the girl so that she rests her hands against the window sill, and began slow and quiet movements, gradually changing the rhythm. Just imagine the whole sight! You won’t see such things in movies! Illuminated and open window, the fourth floor of an ordinary house, across the street from yours. Nice tension in my lower abdomen is getting stronger, so I want to fill the emptiness inside with something warm and solid.

I close my eyes and when I open them – it turns out to be just a dream - erotic dream, and I am in my bed in a very indecent posture: on the left side, half on the stomach, my left leg is stretched out and my right one is tucked up almost to the chest. But the desire is too strong, and I don't want to think about anything. I’m running my hand down, passing the fingers over the clit, then I am licking my fingers over and return them back again, driving them and pushing to up and down. Oh, it was one of the brightest orgasms! I love having erotic dreams.