Summer night

It was a usual summer day. It did not promise anything special, slow turning into cool evening. I went into a café to sit alone with my thoughts over a cup of coffee. I sat at the distant table and began thinking. Having looked up at the next table I saw a man staring at me. His eyes were gliding over my legs, gradually rising higher.

I was wearing a short skirt and translucent blouse with lingerie shining through. I felt his hot, promising look. Soon he sat at my table, appearing to be my vis-a-vis. My companion's name was Konstantin. He was older than me, he radiated some sort of magical attraction. I could smell expensive perfume, showing outstanding power and strong character of the owner. Don't know why, but I decided to let him walk me. Konstantin gallantly opened the door of his car. Our night continued at the hotel. The room (suite) taken for the night promised a lot. Upon entering the room, Konstantin locked the door.

I felt his strong hands on me. He clung to my lips with a hot kiss. I was standing at the wall, completely at the mercy of his strong hands. I tried to break out, but he lifted me up, my skirt rose higher, and Konstantin became very surprised having found no panties under. One hand he hugged me, and the other hand deftly removed the bra. In his arms I was completely naked. His hands were caressing me, clutching horny nipples with his fingers. Konstantin was sinking lower and lower to the mound of Venus wet with caresses.

His finger penetrated into my hole, arousing and driving me madly. I opened my eyes and saw a huge rod of love wishing to escape from his underpants.

With my teeth I pulled off his pants and took out the penis of impressive size. It's a miracle! It was so resilient, strong and affectionate! I made a blowjob for Konstantin with pleasure. He was convulsing with pleasure and my mouth could feel a huge giant growing in there and intended for my holes. Konstantin gently spread my legs and entered my pussy that really wanted it. He went so deep in that I was screaming with pleasure. He turned on my side, continuing this game of passion. Then I got on top of him on his sword, continuing jumping and getting pleasure. Konstantin’s hands were passionately caressing my ass, burning with desire. We were kissing, my tongue caressing his neck, the ears and his chest covered with hair.

Konstantin was intoxicated by the smell of my perfume. He was kissing my body all over, all my holes, leaving on the shoulders and the neck the traces of love. We merged to bring pleasure to each other. I dissolved in him, experiencing repeated orgasms. In ecstasy his body began shuddering and I felt the tension my insides. Konstantin pulled his rod out and moved it to my lips, smearing the cum over my cheeks. I gladly licked off the juice of love smearing the rest over my chest and the belly. We fell asleep in the morning, happy and exhausted with love. It was an amazing night, accidentally given us to each other.