A night with beloved

After their romantic dinner, and a couple of glasses of ruby red wine, Andrew took Lena into the bedroom and gently put her down on the huge double bed. He bent over her from above.

- I want you. - Lena whispered, looking at Andrew with insane and hungry eyes. Andrew smiled. He was slowly undoing the buttons of her blouse one by one. Having done that, he pulled off Lena's blouse, and she raised her hands and removed his shirt. Then they freed each other from jeans. 

Now Andrew was in tight shorts and Lena in black lace lingerie. She was lying in front of him, illuminated by the weak moonlight and so accessible. But he wanted to torture her a little bit more. He undid her bra and began gently touching her tits with his lips. She shivered, and wrapped her arms around Andrew's neck. Examining the breast, Andrew was descending lower on and on. When he reached her panties, he suddenly shifted to the inside of her thighs. Lena arched her back in ecstasy, feeling the soft caress of the lips of her beloved. Meanwhile, Andrew pushed aside the thin fabric of her panties, quickly caressingLena’s clit with his tongue. She loudly moaned and grabbed Andrew’s hair and he was pacing up with his tongue movements. Lena had cum and a few seconds she was lying weakened. 

Andrew moved the tongue away and gently took Lena's panties off. For some time he was standing over her - naked, beautiful and covered with small droplets of sweat. Andrew’s penis slowly swelled up and rose in "fighting position". Lena’s burning eyes were looking at him. She was quietly moaning with desire. Andrew touched her pubis with the tip of his penis, and Lena strained.

- Take me, take me... - she was whispering. Andrew slowly ran his cock over the vulvar lips, forming a circle movement. Lena arched in ecstasy.

- My tormenter... - she moaned passionately. 

And then Andrew abruptly drove in Lena. She screamed, Andrew became confused, not knowing that Lena was a virgin, but she wasn’t embarrassed at all. The penis was moving in her, and after a while Lena was skillfully moving upwards. Gradually, she was moaning loudly, and Andrew was not silent as well. They both had the orgasm and merged in the mad and passionate kiss.

- Honey, my love... - muttered Lena. - I want more...

Andrew waited for Lena going to the shower to wash off the semen and the blood. For cunnilingus they chose another, more comfortable position. Lena lay down on the bed, and Andrew sat on the floor so that his face appeared in the front of wet and dripping with juice Lena’s pussy. In anticipation of the orgasm Lena was breathing excitedly. Andrew was working skillfully with his tongue. He paid attention to everything. Lena groaned and came fiercely.