Sweet lips

The story that happened to me last summer on the shore of the hot Black sea gave me the chance to set it out in writing for my reader.

Oh, how wonderful it is to lie on the burning sand and enjoy watching the young girls passing by. A brunette, a blonde and all of them have their own awesome advantages that are taut tanned ass, covered only with the strip of thongs, or the neat girl’s tits with clearly protruding nipples. I guess I would have the entire vacation spent on the fiery sand, but for one incident.

One day in the early morning I settled a little further from the main beach area (as it turned out later, not in vain) and took a nap. Suddenly I woke up from a light push in the shoulder. Opening my eyes I saw a pretty redheaded girl with insolent green eyes. In imperative tone she told me that I should go with her and help her to find the golden chain she had lost. 

The persistence of the girl really struck me. But even more I was struck by her attractive figure, which was the object of my erotic desires. Of course I followed her. We were looking for a lost jewelry for about five minutes, after which the lady sat down on the sand and gave herself up to emotions. A couple of minutes I was standing confused. Still, I decided to go to the active action as I really liked the girl.

Having sat down next to her I began to massage her chocolate tanned neck, getting psychological pleasure from this. It seemed to me that my companion liked it, and I decided to go on. With a little bit of effort I pushed on her shoulder and she lay on her stomach on the sand. I was softly massaging her back, gradually moving on to the taut and rounded buttocks. The ongoing action pleased both of us. I moved my hand down below and finally got to the swimming trunks of the bathing suit of soft sea color.

I immediately managed to find the soft mound between her legs that towered halfway to the cherished place for everyone. I covered it with all my fingers, squeezed it gently, and then quite naturally got into the crack, already quite wet by that time. I immediately drove two fingers in, bringing sharp pain to my partner, making her body arch; a moment later I was bringing just pleasant sensations with the fingers. It could go on forever for me... 

My companion, apparently, had an orgasm, and half a minute she wished to relax on the disturbed yellow sand. She closed her eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. As for me, I froze waiting to continue. And then she looked at me and asked loudly: "Do you want to relax?" I thought to myself it was just a stupid question in this situation. "Well, of course!" I replied. Then she crawled to me on her all fours, and her eyes asked me to lie down on my back. Immediately, without any hesitation, she thrust her hand into my trunks (honestly, I was amazed by that behavior).

Fiercely jerking off my stiffened organ, she managed to tickle my balls with her other hand. And then the picture of my dreams became real: she took my cock head in the mouth, and the slow movements of her head were endowing my soul with joy. A bit later she pulled the "sufferer" out into the sunlight and drove her quick tongue several times over it, causing the tiny chill bumps running over my body. I was amazed, that while sucking the cock in different ways, she did not forget about my testicles. She managed to roll them to and fro, or to tickle them with her long nails.

After ten minutes of continuous sucking I shot the load of life-giving water in her mouth. She decided to swallow everything, so I liked her even better. I pulled up the trunks, stood up shaking the sand off my body. As for my companion, by that time she wiped her lips and hurried off in the direction of the hotel. I haven’t seen her anymore, but those sweet lips are still kept in my memory.