The summer was quite hot. Exhausted with the heat I was walking along the pavement. There was one thing making me happy there were two months of vacation ahead!

The asphalt was heating up from below, so I decided to buy an ice cream and relax somewhere in the shade in the Park.

I bought the ice cream and a magazine to have something to read not to get bored. I don't know how much time I spent on the bench. I woke up when a big raindrop fell down on the magazine. I looked up and saw huge dark clouds in the sky with summer shower raindrops falling down.

My sundress quickly became wet and stuck to the body. I’m not used to wear a bra under it, and when wet the material becomes treacherously translucent with everything seen through (it’s good, I don't have a habit of not wearing panties).

I looked around, my friend Julia lived one block away from the Park, let's hope she is home. As I walked along the avenue, I thought I would be equal with the color of a tomato. Whistles followed me, the guys looked back offering a ride.

When the salvation door closed behind me, I sighed with relief. I got up to the second floor and pressed the door bell button of Julia’s apartment.

The door opened, I slowly backed away:

- H-h-hel-lo, - Stuttering I said.

There was a half-naked young man standing in front of me. His light hair was tousled and the blue eyes looked at me with great interest.

- Is Julia home?

- No, she isn’t. I'm Andrew, her brother, come in.

I came into the hall:

- I'm Julia's friend, Svetlana. It's pouring outside, I wanted to wait until it’s over at Julia’s place, but if she is not here, I's better go.

- Where are you going in such a rain, you'll catch a cold, go to the room. I'll go and make tea for us?

- OK. If you don't mind, I'll take something of Julia’s clothes to change mine?

- Sure, I think you know where her belongings are.

I came into the room and in a moment pulled my wet sundress off. I opened the closet. Well, Julia knows how to choose things, all her robes could barely cover the intimate parts, but I had no options. I got a pink silk robe which, I thought, was the most decent of her wardrobe. Though it was without buttons, and even without a zipper, the belt was the only thing that connected two halves of the robe. I tied the belt, which made the robe even shorter than it was, took the hairdryer from the shelf and began to dry my hair. My wet sundress and the panties were hanging on the balcony. When I got completely dry, Andrew came in the room with a tray. He gave me a cup of steaming tea and a small glass of brandy.

- I thought you could catch a cold, so I brought some alcohol for you. Alcohol is the best cure from cold. - He said, and sank into the chair. – Have a seat.

I sat down in the next chair and was about to throw a leg over another one (bad habit), but remembered in time that the gown was too short.

- Well, let's drink for acquaintance, – Andrew handed me a shot. We had a drink, then another one. I felt pleasant warmth running through my veins. I reached out to take a cookie and touched the glass that quickly fell down on the floor. I wanted to pick it up, when suddenly, Andrew grabbed my wrist and in one motion seated me on his lap. I wanted to protest, but my tongue refused to obey, and the hands themselves got around Andrew's neck.

- You're so beautiful, - he said (no surprise, I say it every morning to myself). – I want you, - he gasped (yeah, I already feel it), and kissed me.

One hand he untied the belt of the robe, which instantly slipped down on the floor. The other hand was stroking my thigh slowly. I carefully opened his fly and pulled his stiffened cock out. Wow, it was great even by my standards! Andrew lifted me up on his arms and carried to the bed. He carefully put me on Julia’s bed of love and started showering my body with kisses, slowly coming down from the neck to the chest.

- I'm ready to caress, every cell of your body. – Continuing to caress my chest with the tongue and the lips, he groped the clitoris and began massaging it slowly. Finally I completely freed him from the tight jeans. Yes, any actor could envy such a body.

When the pleasure became unbearable, I gasped:

- Enter me, please. – A sharp strong movement, and Andrew entered me.

A slight pain pierced my body. His cock seemed to have filled all the available space inside of me. Andrew was moving slowly and carefully: either plunging into me completely, or leaving just his cock head in. I suffered, but I suffered sweet torture. I wish that Andrew increased the pace, but he, as if reading my thoughts, continued to torment me slowly, covering my neck and the chest with hot kisses.

- Andrew, faster, please!

- You want faster, little bitch?

- Yes, very much.

- Then here you go. 

Andrew started to move faster, pacing up with each thrust. Unable to tolerate it any longer, and not caring about the neighbors, I cried, digging my nails in Andrew's back. The orgasm exploded in my body with millions of colored lights, but that was not enough for Andrew. He smiled and waited for me catching the breath, and he was about to go on, but I stopped him.

- Now, it’s my turn. Lie on your back. – Andrew lay his back down. I took his cock in my hand and squeezed it a bit. Andrew closed his eyes and leaned back on the pillow. I slightly pulled the foreskin, opening the head, and kissed his cock on the tip. Then I took the cock head in my mouth and ran the tongue around it. Andrew was breathing intermittently. I slowly slid my lips over the penis up and down, running my tongue along the whole trunk. Andrew groaned quietly. I increased the pace, moving faster, either swallowing the cock all in, or then leaving just its head in the mouth.

- Sit on, baby, please!

I got up, propped on my hands resting them against Andrew’s body and sat down on top, carefully, as if studying him, I started moving. With each movement, increasing the speed, I felt the penis reaches the uterus. It was unbearably-sweet feeling. We came at the same time, I fell on Andrew, and he hugged me and whispered in my ear:

- Do not even hope, you're not leaving this place now!