This story happened to me when I studied at the University. It happened that our University in some old year signed an agreement of student exchange. And now, on the 5-th year of studying my groupmate Sveta and I were to go. Can’t say I liked her. Well, yes, she was (and she is now) cute: short, plumpy a bit, with big enough tits and round ass. Many guys like those. But she had one trait or feature, whatever. She emitted some fluid, which made any penis stand up "at attention". Pure biology.

 And so we had been sent. And it happened that we turned out to be in different cities. She was at the research center, and I was in their University. There were about 50 km between the cities. Well, we talked on the phone, of course, for we are fellow countrymen =) And then one day Sveta is calling and saying she’s bored and she wants to come to my city for the weekend to hang out, spend the night at my place of living and rush back on Sunday. Well, I certainly agreed. Moreover, the locals turned out to be terribly boring people, and the women there were ugly as a nuclear war. 

 So, she came to me, we had fun, went to the bar and after all moved to my place. And my place was the house – something like a hostel. Separate room for each in the house, the keys to the house, the kitchen was shared. Live and let live. And here we came to me. So Sveta comes in and sees there is a problem with beds – there was only one bed and not so wide. I offered her to sleep on the bed, and I would be in the chair somehow. She was confused she drove me out of the bed, and she told me, “OK, let’s try to lie here together, but hands off!" I kinda joked something like “with such a spectacular girl it’s gonna be hard”. She even blushed. Well, I gave her my pajamas, and I lay to sleep in a t-shirt and shorts. But at night I suddenly woke up and saw Sveta standing up and removing the pajamas. I had almost cum. 

Her body in the moonlight had the most arousing appearance. I wanted her. I wanted to caress her neck, the chest, the ass, the stomach, the thighs and the pussy. I didn't want just to make love. I wanted to fuck her. 

 I pretended to be asleep and decided to see what would happen next. There my Aphrodite ducked back under the blanket and turned on the side – she turned the way my dick appeared exactly between the two halves of her delicious ass. There I couldn't help it any longer. I fell on her and dug my lips in her neat mouth. She responded passionately, our tongues intertwined in my mouth. I was stroking her chest and the thighs, while her playful fingers were playing with my scrotum and jerking off my cock softly. 

Having broken our long kiss, Sveta whispered, “Enter me”. I didn’t have to asked twice. I was already reaching for the cock-sock, but Sveta said she had taken the pill and she wanted me to cum in her. I was aroused even better. I gently entered my cock in her wet pussy and began to move. It was divine sensation; she was so wet and smooth that I barely restrained. Then Sveta decided to change the position. “I want you…”, she said, “…to have me in doggy-style. I feel like a horny bitch cumming”. I had almost cum as well with those words. She turned around, and pulled her neatly trimmed pussy on my cock. Well, there the real fucking began. I haven't fucked as good as that ever before. We were cumming at the same time. I filled her up as they call it "up to the cap ". We fell asleep right as we were – we fell on the side, my dick in her cunt.

And in the morning I walked her back to the bus stop. That is how our romance with Svetlana began.