Private lectures

A young student in a short plaid skirt and a white translucent tight-fitting blouse came into the office. Blond hair carelessly fell over the shoulders and framed almost flawless face with clear blue eyes and plump lips, slightly painted with transparent lip-gloss. She was fabulously good. The clattering of heels on the floor would make a young teacher break away from the documents. 

- Hello, Christina, - he smiled, a bit stunned with her appearance, – Take a seat. 

- Hello, Kirill Alexandrovich, - Christina shyly lowered her eyes and sat down at the desk, in front of his table. 

It was evening, the University was almost empty. The students and the teachers long gone, and Kirill stayed in order to work additionally with a student, extremely lagging behind on his subject. He cherished no personal ambitions. He had a wife. Recently, they argued a lot, but it happens in any family, doesn’t it? 

Christina came to him for the fifth time already. 

- Well… let's begin, - he smiled and looked away from her lush boobs. 

They were working about an hour, it was getting dark outside and it was time to leave. 

They said goodbye, and then... Kirill did not understand what had come over him. Already at the door, he seized Christina by the waist, abruptly turned her around and kissed. Perhaps, this is called the fit of passion. Christina didn’t push him away, moreover, she passionately responded to his kiss. Kirill felt his cock rested against the fly. He picked Christina up and put her on the teacher's table. He unbuttoned her shirt and pulled it off... There was nothing under. Kirill pressed his lips to her naked breast with the nipples sticking out with excitement, inhaling the scent of perfume, which seemed to him the most beautiful in the world. Christina sighed quietly, unbuttoning his pants. 

When her gentle fingers touched his naked penis, Kirill winced. He hadn’t had sex with his wife a long time. He kissed and licked her tits, and she caressed his hardened cock, trembling with excitement. With incredible ease and grace Christie slid off the table and knelt down before him. Her nimble tongue touched his cock head, and in a second she was skillfully playing with his cock and caressing his testicles. Kirill groaned. He was almost ready to cum, but she suddenly stopped. 

- I want You... 

And here she is again on the teacher's table. Kirill pulled down her panties, drew her closer to him and entered her. Christina groaned. At first, he was moving slowly, but gradually increased the pace, feeling the approaching orgasm. His phone rang. Paying no attention to the ringtone, he continued to move, sweating with excitement. Christina leaned back caressing his chest. That sight excited Kirill even better. His wife was just a gray mouse, or a log comparatively with this blonde goddess... He was still drilling her with his cock. From time to time separate words were escaping from his mouth: 

- Christina... sweetheart... 

He stopped and took out his cock. 

- I'm going to cum... 

Christina deftly wriggled on the table, and wrapped her lips around his dick again. She managed to do only a few motions, when a hot jet hit in her mouth. 

Kirill trembled, twitched, moaned, twitched again and fell exhausted on the table beside her. He looked at Christina and smiled. 

- You're a very special... 

Forgetting all the rules, he took out a pack of cigarettes and lit one...