Real story

The story is real.

One evening at the end of the day I was exploring a dating site and met there my old girlfriend Kate I hadn’t been in touch for a year and a half. After a brief communication we agreed I would come to her after work. When I came to her, I found out she was still on the website trying to find someone for that night:

- Are you still looking for a mate?

- No I'm looking for someone to have a good time for tonight.

- So what's the problem? I'm right here!

- Yes, but you are alone!

- I know a very good couple...

On the phone I found out that Nicholas and Irina are not busy and can come to us. In 20 minutes we were sitting at Kate’s place talking. It was clear we were going to fuck there, therefore, not wasting time with talking, we went to the bedroom. While Nicholas and I were getting undressed, the girls threw off their clothes and began to kiss each other. Nick got a place behind Kate and started to lick her pussy and the ass with his tongue. I was standing and looking at that picture, Irina called me and together with Kate they began to lick my cock simultaneously, while Kate’s finger slowly penetrated into my ass. After a couple of minutes of such treatment I realized I would not be able to help it long and asked for timeout. Kate said that they made a surprise for me. She went to the bathroom and returned with a black dildo.

 I was put on my back. Nicholas, and Irina pressed my legs to the chest and I found myself in the fetal position. Having greased the dildo, Kate began slowly inserting it up in my ass, then she quickened the movements, and Nick, who was watching all this, leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. Irina wasn’t at all confused and stood over me squatting and gave me her pussy and the ass... while I was working with my tongue, my ass was being fucked hard. Kate tried hard like a sex machine. Nick, let my cock off, got a place at Kate’s ass and started fucking her. I don't know how much time had passed, but when I opened my eyes, vaguely realizing what happened I was told that I was moaning so loud and passed out for a few minutes. It was the first time I had an orgasm from the fact I was being fucked in the ass.

After smoke break we decided that would be a good idea to arrange a concurrent session, in other words to fuck Kate at the same time. Nick lay back Kate sat on his sticking out cock with her pussy, and I was driving my cock in her ass. After some time, I decided to diversify the process. Having pulled my dick out of the ass I inserted it into the vagina at the same time with Nick’s cock. Ira decided to diversify our position. She took the dildo and began to fuck me and Nicholas in turns. Feeling that Nick and me were going to cum soon we decided to cum over the girls. Ira refused and we were cumming on Kate. Nick came on her face, and I did it on her pubis. Kate was covered with sperm and it was such a nice spectacle that we decided to lick her over. Irina joined us. Believe me, licking your own and somebody else’s cum from the lying girl is very exciting. So we had to fuck the girls once again...