In the restaurant

Today we celebrated our anniversary (a month or six months or a year... of our dating). We decided to celebrate it in a special way. You make me a gift, I make it for you. We can only guess about our secret desires and capabilities. But we know for sure we will remember this day forever. You pick me up by car. Today I look amazing. I have black long dress of the color of black silver with cuts on the back and the sides. It fits my figure tightly like the second skin emphasizing all my magnificent shape. You have a formal suit on. We are a super couple!!!

We are going to the restaurant. We're not talking about our gifts. We used to understand each other without words. We just trust each other. I trust you, you trust me.

Entering the hall. You pre-booked a table in the separate room. There are a lot of people, but we are alone. We have our favorite drinks, snacks and drinking again, but so to control ourselves. I take you by the hand and walk into the hall to dance. You hug me tight. I whisper something tender into your ear. Gently I’m running my hand over your back. You stroke me very gently, only you can do this that way.

 I confess to you that I forgot to put my panties on (all this is said in the center of the hall where there are a lot of people), and you tell me the same. What a surprise! Our thoughts are confused, the hands are wandering over. The dance’s been long over, but we are like two magnets unable to tear away from each other. Finally you take me by the hand and walk to the table. We drink again, look around and realize our desires. We go to dance again, but looking around. I see one couple the same magnificently tempting as we are. You're gesturing a sign to them with your hand to invite to our table. The dance is over and four of us are in our room.

You are sitting opposite me, and our friends are also opposite each other. I put my leg between your legs and feel a subtle excitation. We look into each other’s eyes and understand everything. Our friends (let's call them Alex and Anna) took our game. I dropped my fork down on the floor (under the table, Oh, how awkward I am) and go down to get it. I quickly unzipped your pants to check if you have the briefs there, they are absent. Amazing! I managed to kiss, to lick and to touch and then I sat back at the table. Well, honey, what will you think up after my action? No, you did not invent anything. You dropped everything off the table down on the floor, came up to me and laid me on the table. You rolled up my dress, and here it is, no panties.

 Alex joined the game, he came up to Anna, and quickly took off her dress, her underwear, took out his buddy and put it in her mouth (for dessert). I'm lying on the table, the legs wide spread ready to take you, my love. But you decided to start the game with my mouth (Oh, how I love to do it!). Tenderly and passionately, deeply and not, my tongue like a small snake wrapped around your cock. Anna leans over my pussy and licks my clit. Alex is taking Anna from behind. We are like a garland! I hope you are jealous, sweetie. You know I’m all yours. Right?

The position changes to 69. I lie on my back, Anna over me and kissing my pussy, I'm kissing hers. You are entering me from behind. Alex is entering Anna in the ass.

I dream about you cumming in my mouth. This is my dream, but what are you thinking about?

We decided to have a rest, eat and drink. Absolutely naked we are drinking, having small talk about anything. I take brandy, come to you and sit on your lap. Quietly pouring brandy over your chest I’m licking it off. You do the same. I’m taking a sip of brandy and pouring it in your mouth while kissing. You are blissing out. Then I’m sitting facing you, the legs are moved apart and you are taking me in my crack. Bliss!

Alex and Anna are doing the same.

I decided to change the position and putting you in a doggy style, pouring brandy over your back. It flows down to the ass and I lick it. Anna crawls under you and suck your cock. Alex thrusts his cock either in me, or in Anna in turns. The culmination is close. We both stand up doggy-style, and you boys are get in us from behind in turn changing us like dolls.

Four orgasms at once - it's cool. The walls are shaking, the glass is vibrating.

I think the celebration is a success.

We are getting dressed and going home. The dawn is breaking outside.