Vadim was driving on the highway to the city. It was after midnight. In the headlights, he saw a girl hitching a ride. Vadim stopped the car and opened the window:

- Where are you going?

- To Samoilovka. But I don’t have money, could we agree on something?

- Get in, we’ll think up something. - Vadim opened the door for the traveler.

The girl got in, and Vadim could have a closer look at her: Red long boots to the knees and net stockings emphasized the gorgeous legs of the girl, denim shorts exposed her wide hips and fitted her round ass. The pierced navel was hidden a little with black-and-white top. Two big tits were protruding like two hills with the knobs of nipples in the center. The girl threw one leg over the other and fastened the seat belt:

- Well, let’s go?

Vadim let the car along the highway and turned to the girl:

- May I ask you, what are you doing here so late at night?

– Oh, you’d better not know. – The girl smiled.

At the turn to Samoilovka the girl asked Vadim to stop:

– Well, it's time to pay?

She leaned aside and unzipped Vadim’s pants with her teeth and began caressing the cock through the shorts with her tongue. Her movements were smooth and unhurried. The cock stiffened. The girl took off Vadim's trousers and the underpants, and her lips grasped the red head. She caressed with her tongue, making circular motions. Vadim could not help it and uttered a moan of pleasure, then she took a deep breath and swallowed the cock down to the testicles. Vadim felt the cock went deep into the throat of the girl. In the rush of pleasure he grabbed her by the hair and began pulling her head on his cock and sway it. The girl was moaning with excitement as well. Vadim lifted up the girl's head, looked into her eyes and said:

- Now it's my turn to give you pleasure.

He seated the girl on the backrest (it was good, the size of his jeep allowed the girl to settle with comfort) and pulled down her shorts. Bending down he inhaled the heavenly scent emitted by her pussy, and kissed the pubis of the girl. The stranger stood up a bit, took off her panties, threw them on the back seat, pointed at her crack with a finger and told him:

- Lick it, be a good boy.

Vadim pressed his lips against the girl’s pussy already wet with excitement and began licking her vulvar lips softly. Gradually he was penetrating deeper and deeper into vagina. Meanwhile the girl pulled off her top and began massaging her tits. Vadim stood up sharply and kissed the girl's on the lips. Gradually sinking he was fondling her tits kissing and sucking the red nipples. Meanwhile, the girl thrust two fingers into her crack and started to masturbate. Vadim reached out a hand to the button and slowly lowered the seat, turning it into a kind of bed. Having spread the girl’s legs, gently but powerfully he entered her womb with his tool. Slowly and rhythmically he was moving his pelvis. Gradually increasing the pace and the depth of penetration, Vadim was receiving great pleasure. The girl was responding with languid groans.

– Now in the ass, Honey-Bunny, – Asked the girl.

Turning her on the stomach, Vadim abruptly entered the girl’s anus, making her cry out with pain. However, soon the moans of pain changed to moans of pleasure. Suddenly, having gasped and twitched, the lady softened and came. Vadim felt the semen pushing through the penis channel. Vadim quickly pulled it out from the girl and generously watered the back of the girl with his seed. Exhausted he leaned back on the steering wheel. Dressed, the girl got out of the car. Vadim saw the panties the girl left on the back seat. He called her and tried to hand the girl’s property to her. The girl smiled and said:

- This is for you. I had to pay for the fare. – Having turned around, she went towards the village.

– What's your name? – Shouted Vadim.

- Why? Does it matter? – The lady turned around just a bit.

– No, – Vadim smiled and left.