Jack was alone in his apartment when he heard knocking on the door.

In his age (he was 31) he was a bit stupid, so he forgot to use the peephole, and bravely he opened the door. Three men in masks rushed into the apartment.

Without saying a word two of them twisted Jack’s arms and dragged him into the room. The third one locked the door and slowly followed them.

- Well... not a lot... dad's apartment, dad’s Corolla... how would you live, if poor daddy had not died too soon, huh, you freak? - grinned one of the men looking around the apartment.

Of course, Jack tried to scream and break free, but immediately he got a kick by a knee on his stomach.

- Shut a fuck up, bitch, no one will help. Bring him into the center of the room. – said the same man, - Yes! Undress this freak! You are gonna be our slut for tonight!

Two guys threw Jack on the floor in the center of the room and tore off his clothes. 

- Bastards, let me go! I’m a lawyer! I’ll put you all in prison! – shouted Jack. 

They shut his mouth with a gag ball clearly bought in a sex shop. His hands and the legs were tied with bandage set so that Jack was lying in the position where his ass was the highest point.

- And now, bitch, you’re gonna be abused! Guys, show our bitch what we’ve brought here!

One of the men opened the suitcase. Jack felt badly sick – there were dildos of all sizes, all kinds of butt plugs and balls.

Jack lost his consciousness. 

He woke up from severe pain in the ass. He realized that right at that moment he was being fucked by one of the men. The second one was shooting the process.

The third one came up to his face and pulled out his dick. It was huge. About 25 cm long and 7 cm thick.

- Open your mouth, slut! And don’t dare bite, or I'll kill you!

With those words he took out the gag, and Jack had nothing to do but take this huge thing in his mouth. The guy sharply pressed on Jack’s head and the cock entered entirely into the throat. Now Jack was no longer feeling the pain from the cock in his ass, his eyes welled with tears... he was choking. And the guy was driving his cock furiously in Jack’s mouth.

The poor guy was being torn apart from two sides. Finally the one who was fucking him in the mouth had cum. Jack had to swallow every last drop.

The one shooting all that action gave the camera to another guy, and he came to Jack’s mouth.

- Well, have you had enough of drinking, you bitch?! – He laughed, - We’ll fix it right now. Open your mouth.

Jack was already obeying every order. Moreover, he felt he liked the presence of the cock in his ass and he did not notice he was doing upward movements and moaning.

- Look, guys, the little bitch likes it! – laughed the one standing in front of Jack. And he inserted his cock into already open mouth.

Poor guy began to caress the cock with his tongue, and to suck it, but there he was hit in the face.

- Don't move! I’m not going to fuck you, – cried the man, - I just want to piss, but don’t want to go to the toilet.

And then Jack felt the stream of urine hitting his throat. He tried to swallow it all. He choked, coughed, but swallowed.

At that time, the man having his ass already 15 minutes came, pulled his cock out and came up to Jack’s mouth that just swallowed the urine. 

- Wash my dick, bitch! 

As a humble slave girl Jack began to lick the cock over, all that was left on it after the ass fucking.

- And now, bitch, smile! We’ll do a photo to memorize it! - said one of the guys.

The other two also decided to pee on him.

- Wash your face, bitch, - they were saying at the time, the urine was dripping off Jack’s face.

They had a smoke, then put out the cigarette butts on his stomach, put their pants on and walked away.

- By the way, bitch... aren’t you interested, why?

Jack just looked at him pathetically...

- Don't you ever get on your ex-girlfriend and threaten her!! Girls are cruel. If you tell anybody – you are dead!! And if you hurt the one who put a fuck out on you, you know who, then... you’d better not know what can happen to you...

And they slammed the door behind... Jack was left lying bound on the floor, covered with piss. 

Now he will always remember what follows after threatening ex-girlfriends...