Our fetish

My name is Irene. I am 25, not married – yet. My story began two years ago. I had no job and a friend of mine offered the idea to place an ad in the newspaper that I can knit by requests. I always liked knitting, and many people often asked me to knit something for them. And I like wearing knitted clothes as well. But the ad had no effect for a long time, no one answered and it took about three weeks. Finally I got a call from a man introducing himself as Andrew, who asked me to knit a sweater. 

In the evening he came to me and brought the yarn. It was pure mohair made in South Africa. We introduced ourselves and he asked me to knit a sweater in two threads, so it would be thick and fluffy with a high collar. I knit rather quickly and in a few weeks Andrew had already come to take the order. When he put it on, he became look like a soft fluffy bear. I wanted to pet him so much that I could not resist and started to stroke him, pretending to check up how it fits. He paid well enough and I invited him to have a cup of tea. During the conversation he said he was not married, he was 30, and he couldn’t find a girl who would share his view of life. He kept on looking at my legs. It was autumn, the heating was not yet turned on, and I had to wear woolen knee socks put on the thick tights. “I want the same socks!” He said, “May I have them?” He leaned forward, took my foot and placed it on his lap as I was sitting opposite him. Andrew was stroking my leg as if watching the sock. For some reason I was very pleased, whether because I hadn’t had a man for a long time, or because I liked him. 

I was feeling a bit aroused and so was he. Andrew moved forward a little, and my foot rested against his crotch. I felt his cock was up. The pause was prolonged awhile and I got the foot out of his hands. Andrew immediately began gathering his belongings to leave. As for me, I got down to knit the socks for him, thinking about him and who was the one he ordered another pair for. It was obviously a woman, because the foot was of a size 36, the same I had. I felt a kind of jealousy and when I had knitted them, I put them on walking around my apartment. Looking at the socks, I was jealous that he would be stroking someone’s legs in them. I called him telling that the order was done. Andrew was very happy, but he said that day he couldn’t come to me, as he was waiting for an important phone call. And he asked me to bring it to him, and he wanted to order something else. I didn’t want to lose the client and I went to his place. I got dressed a little provocatively, wanting to show his girlfriend that I was not worse than her. For the occasion I even put on my special stockings. Andrew opened the door and smiled immediately inviting me in. He was wearing the sweater I had knitted, sweatpants and thick wool socks. “I'm sorry, I have no slippers”, he said when I took off my shoes. “You know what, put on the socks you have knitted instead of slippers”. I was happy to take them out of the package, pulled them on handing him the second pair. “Come into the room. I’ll be right back”, and he went to the bathroom. 

He had no girl! I noticed that when I came into the room. It was neat and cozy, but it didn’t seem to be touched by a female hand. Andrew appeared dressed in knee socks I brought. “Let's go and have some tea. Now I'm serving round! What about wine?” He took out a bottle of white Spanish wine. We drank it all quietly, having a small talk. It was followed by the second bottle and I didn't notice, or maybe I didn't care my both legs are on his lap again and he was caressing them through the knee socks, sometimes stroking through the stockings. My skirt was already ridden up, exposing them completely. But I didn't care. I was in the mild state of euphoria, wanting only he would never stop stroking. My panties were already soaked with the juice of love. Now I moved to him and through the socks I started to fondle his penis in sweat pants with my toes. Unable to stand this torture Andrew got up, met none of my resistance and kissed me on the lips. “I want you!”, he whispered and I just nodded in response. 

I propped on the table with my hands. He pulled down my panties and his pants and then entered my moistened and wet pussy. Though he was inflamed enough, he was moving slowly, and I managed to cum twice. Before he started to cum, at the last moment he pulled out his cock, and my skirt with a blouse turned out to be covered with sperm. I turned around and my eyes caught a piquant moment: Andrew was dressed in woolen women's leggings. He didn’t have time to put sweatpants on top. Seeing my slightly puzzled look he said, “Now you know my secret. I love wearing knitted things. I'm sorry if something’s wrong”. Honestly, I was not thinking about that at all. My head was still swimming for I never had so bright orgasm! After that Andrew carefully undressed me, carried me into the bathroom and gently washed me. 

Lying on the bed, I thought how cool that I met such a gentle and caring guy! I had nothing against his fetish, because everyone has his own cockroaches in the head! Oh, if I only knew where it would lead us!