Spying upon people

I always paid great attention to sex. But the most exciting thing for me is to spy upon people.

One summer being in the village one day I went for a walk over the pond. I was thinking of a chance to see a couple having sex.

But alas, the walk was usual and without interesting facts.

The next day was the same, and only on the 4th day, it was Friday, I was lucky. I sat down to have a smoke in the bushes not to be seen by someone else.

I smoked a cigarette and took another one. While I was smoking, I heard someone walking. Past the bushes I was sitting behind, there appeared a guy with a girl. They stopped not far from me near the bushes and she spread a blanket on the ground. I thought, maybe, that was what I had come there for. The girl quickly stripped to a swimsuit, and the guy thoroughly watched the surrounding area. But I was well disguised. So he got undressed as well. They were lying and talking about something. I had a thought flashed in my mind that I wouldn’t see anything that day. Still I thrust a hand in my shorts and began squeezing my cock. Anyway I was already imagining them having sex. I could see them not so good.

A few minutes later he started touching her all over. First he began to touch her chest and then the belly. Apparently, she was not entirely comfortable, for they could still be seen. But then she surrendered and they began caressing each other. By that time my cock was standing up, I had to remove my shorts, and I stayed just in sandals and a t-shirt. The guy didn’t hesitate and quickly shoved his cock in her. They were lying sideways. I had to stand up, to stick my head out of the bushes and to see them well. Adrenaline was running all over the body. I was afraid to be caught and I wanted to be on his place. When he lay down on top and I got the idea that while they were in such position I could come out of the bushes and watch them very close. So I did. The picture was like that: I'm standing behind them and see his balls beating against her ass. And my balls did the same on my fist. My legs were trembling. I was groaning quietly because of frequent breathing. But the desire to get high was stronger than my fear and I went on jerking off. I had cum quickly and abundantly. I could hardly breathe. I felt like it was me fucking her. And I was tired, probably, more than he was =)

I got into the bushes to put the clothes on, my legs trembling so the loud sounds were coming from the bushes they could hear. So it was as I thought. The guy got off her and started to look around. In a moment I pulled my shorts on, grabbed the sandals and rushed towards the house. I became even more scared. But it was obvious I could easily run away, since the guy would have to put on his underpants to run to catch me =)

After that incident I was afraid to go to that place.