Evil parody of vapid stories

I decided to crack up a little over the subject of mediocre and vapid stories, and this is what’s come of it.

Hello! My name is Anna, although sometimes inadvertently I call myself Mary. But in this story all the names have been changed, so you may consider my name is Julia. As I said, all the names are changed as well as the place and the time of action, as well as sex and species of the characters. Actually, I'm not a girl, but a dog... I mean, a two-year-old bulldog. 

Last month I ate the wireless mouse. It was quite tasteless, but it opened so many opportunities to me: now I can also use a computer and so I decided to tell you the truest story. You will not find anything more truthful than this story. All others only dream about sex and can't imagine how it happens in reality. 

I am a girl Julia, I have been wishing having sex all the time. I often masturbate at night before going to sleep, while sleeping and in the morning before waking up. Sometimes I’m really flowing with desire, and in those periods noticed by no one I'm turning into a watering machine refreshing all the surrounding streets. 

My tits size is fifteenth. It's my pride. Every year they grew a size bigger. Now, every time I’m go out of the house, I’m involuntarily rubbing the nipples over the jambs of the entrance door, and it excites me wildly. 

Looking at me all the guys are unable to keep on standing on their feet. They immediately fall on their back and can't get up under such a strong impression my striking look makes. 

Once, one day it happened so that one guy brought me to him and asked me the question I had been waiting for all my life: 

- Do you really want it? 

- Yes, - I replied. 

- I can't hear, - he said. 

- Yes, - I said. 

- Or, maybe, you really don't want it? So I will be trying in vain... - he said. 

- I want it! - I said. 

- Well, okay, - he said and began taking off my blouse. 

When he undressed me and got undressed himself, I saw his cock. It was huge from the ground to the ceiling... I even got scared when I imagined such a whacker entering my narrow vagina... It won’t fit in there. But this guy (by the way, I don’t remember his name) told me not to bother, and everything would be alright. 

He abruptly drove in me and immediately reached the very womb. I squirmed and began to moan, and he immediately began pecking me rapidly like a piston, like a steam hammer, like a tommy-gun. 

He fucked me on and on and on and on and I groaned, moaned and groaned on and on. Finally he became close to cum, after all he came and broke off to the side. By that time, I also managed to start and finish. 

When it was over, he slapped me on the ass and told me that I'm a cool chick. 

This is how the story ends. 

If you have got impressions and suggestions – don’t be shy writing.