Fucked at wedding

I will tell you the real story of how I had been fucked on my own wedding day. All the names are changed. We were friends with Vlad about two years, but I was completely ignoring the attentions of his friend Alex. Alex did everything to get into my panties: flowers, surprises, etc. It was my pleasure, and I did not tell anything to Vlad. A couple of times Alex even pressed me in a dark corner, but more than "touching" was not allowed to him. Alex became very angry with that. On the day Vlad proposed to me Alex told me:

- I'm still gonna fuck you! And I’ll fuck you on your wedding day!

I only wagged my booty, which, I must say, is pretty enough. And here came the long-awaited day. Everything was as it should be: the dress, the linen, the ransom tradition*, the limousine, etc. Alex appeared to be the best man at wedding who paid attention to me just when there was a reason for that. My dress was driving everyone crazy, the deep neckline opened the chest of the 3rd size, wide skirts hid my slim legs covered in stockings, and the tiny panties were purely symbolic. I’m sure my appearance was making every guy horny.

After registry office procedure due to the tradition we were riding over the places all the just married visiting usually, and we were drinking much enough. At one of the places the bride and the best man had to come up to the so-called bridge and to look out from the top window. From the bottom below people could see nothing but the window and the one looking from there sticking out. At that moment the bridegroom has to do some performances in honor of the bride: songs, poems, etc. Everything was going according to the plan: I went up there and leaned out of the window, Alex stayed behind, as expected by the tradition. Vlad began to sing a song to the music. The noise was terrible both from the river and from the music player. I don’t understand when Alex managed to ride up the hem of my dress, I just felt strong hands taking me by the hips and a huge dick thrusting into my cunt... 

The situation was pretty “awesome”: down there the bridegroom is singing about his love to his bride, and the bride in this very moment is being pulled onto another dick. This lasted for about ten minutes. I was hoping that my tits wouldn’t pop out of the dress with excitement and I wouldn’t scream with pleasure. Alex had fucked me and cum right inside of me, he was even shining with pleasure. No one noticed anything and the wedding ceremony went on as usual.

Still, when my friends were getting married later after all, I noticed many of them coming from that bridge and looking dumb-founded and the best men were smiling. So I was definitely not the only one having been fucked over there.


* ransom tradition – is a traditional ceremony at wedding in Russia, when a bridegroom has to pay ransom when coming to take his bride away from her parents’ home. Usually it includes different competitions, contest games, paying with champagne, riddles and so on.