The first time with another one

One day my boyfriend and I went to his friends’ summer cottage just to relax and have a drink. Our friends were married for more than 3 years. Their names were Irene and Andrew. My boyfriend Pasha was always a passionate man and, if I may say so, a skirt-chaser, in any case, he often stared in wonder at them, at least. He liked Irene very much, so I always tried to make their meetings limited as hard as I could. But that time all three of them had persuaded me, so we came there. On the way there in the car, I was feeling my Pasha was rather excited, so I realized that our visit would turn out badly. 

We arrived there and the feast and the fun began. As if by secret agreement, they began making me drunk, pouring more and more alcohol. In general, I don't remember how it turned out to be, but one moment I found myself kissing with Irene. Passionately, fiercely, digging our lips into each other and moaning. Our men were watching us with a grin happily from another sofa across the table. "Okay, you want a show? I’ll give you the show”, I thought and took off Irene’s t-shirt. I laid her on the sofa and began kissing her breasts, caressing the nipples, my hands stroking her belly and the tits. Irene was getting more and more relaxed under my caresses, and without hesitation I pulled off her jeans, and the even appeared to be no panties under. I was licking her cunt, the fingers fondling her clit. My girl was moaning with my caresses. I was getting more and more aroused, and was already dreaming of a dick thrust in me sooner and harder. I was enjoy Irene’s body and her wet pussy dripping sweet juice. 

Then someone's hands grabbed me firmly from behind and bent me in a doggy-style. My skirt was rode up, the panties taken off and someone thrust in me so hard that I immediately began moaning with pleasure, moving in time surrendering to the process more and more. But at the same time with the feeling of pleasure it dawned on me that it was not my Pasha, it was Andrew, our friend, and at the same time my beloved on the other side of the room was fiercely ramming Irene in the same doggy-style position. I saw her bending under him, screaming, and he was pacing up and looking at me. I knew he wanted to watch me having sex with another man, therefore I did not deprive him of that opportunity and yielded to Andrew and his cock, hard-working from behind. He came out of me and slowly began entering my ass. I was groaning, when he shoved three fingers into my cunt his thumb caressing the clitoris, making me almost burst out. I almost shouted, completely forgetting about my beloved and another woman. Then Andrew abruptly came out of me, put me on my knees and stuck his penis in my mouth. I was diligently sucking until he came right in my mouth very soon. I swallowed his sperm carefully as well. And then I saw my Pasha rigidly banging Irene in the mouth down to his balls, as I've never been able to swallow so deep. She obviously enjoyed that process, diligently swallowing each time he thrust until Pasha came onto her face. 

I gave Irene a towel, she was breathing heavily and obviously still did not recovered from experienced orgasms. I was the only one of all who still remained in clothes, and the men obviously didn’t like that. So Pasha and Andrew quickly relieved me of the excess clothes. Pasha lay on his back, and I immediately got on top of his cock sticking like a stake and started fucking. He slapped on my chest and the ass from time to time, so that I started moaning. Andrew, not happy with the fact that Irene did not recover yet, decided to join us, because he bent me forward, and began fucking in my ass. Yes, I had long dreamed about such sex, the sex with 2 men and it finally came true. They were pecking me in both my holes, the cunt and the ass, and I was moving sitting on Pasha in time with Andrew and I was almost cumming. Andrew loudly slapped me on the ass, Pasha squeezed my boobs swaying right before his face. I could no longer hold it back and I came still moving in time with them. They put me on the sofa to have a rest and moved on to Irene, who was watching everything and actively masturbating. She sat on top of Andrew, and Pasha got a place from behind, and they began to peck her as well as they were fucking me just a few moments before. I watched the penis of my beloved moving in and out of Irene’s ass, fucking her on and on. I watched the scene I was so afraid of most of all in my life and I wasn't even jealous of him, knowing that this would occur for sure again many times.