Missed call

Everything in this story is absolutely true! It happened about two years ago. I was 28. One evening, after work a girl called me and said that she had a missed call from this number. We started talking, and I asked her to meet and she agreed with pleasure. We agreed she would take a friend of her, and I would take a friend of mine and we would go and play billiards.

The next day we took the car and went to pick up the girls. The girls were cute enough: Katya and Valya, they were about 18-20. The whole evening we had spent in the pool hall: we were playing, joking, drinking beer all except me, I was the driver. Closer to the midnight I offered them to go to the country house to heat thoroughly the fireplace, and they easily agreed to my surprise. On arrival there, I began to kindle the fire, there was no light there, and Dima was drinking beer and entertaining the girls. And there we were divided into couples and were warming ourselves at the fireplace. Katya sat down to me and I hugged her. Suddenly she turned to me as if casually and her lips appeared close to mine, I automatically kissed her and she responded. Then I ran a hand under her blouse, lifted her bra and took hold of the chest. We were kissing for about five minutes, her tits were great and she did not mind. Looking at us Dima and Valya began kissing as well. They could not see I touched her breast, as she was sitting with her back to them. I got a boner! I offered her to show the upper floor of the house and she agreed, of course. 

Having come up, I led her to the couch and laid her there on her back. My one side I lay down on her right hand, and thrust my left hand under her neck and took hold of her left hand! Funny enough, Katya could move neither right nor left hand, while my right hand was exploring thoroughly all her charms.

At first I had touched enough her tits, it was great! They were big and hardly fit in my palms. She liked it and she was moaning quietly and kissing me softly. She was wearing jeans. Without undoing them I pressed my right hand on her stomach and thrust it under her panties. She pressed her legs together, but I went on stroking her clit. Two minutes later she gave up. And after another three minutes I took the hand out and quietly unbuttoned her jeans, she did not resist any longer. She was dripping wet. I stood up and took off her jeans with the panties. She was lying on her back being in the blouse only. 

I parted her legs and inserted my index and middle finger into her vagina, and put my thumb on the clitoris beginning to stimulate her that way. Awesome feeling when you sense everything contracts inside of them and she is so close to cum. I must say, if a girl cums, she is ready for everything! That was what had happened. Katya bent all over and groaned, my fingers were squeezed so hard that I could not move them. I took off her blouse, the bra and began to fuck her. She was dripping wet and convulsing in orgasm. I put her in doggy-style position, her ass was awesome and it lasted about five minutes. Her face was as if shining, it was obvious she liked that. And then the blowjob followed. I have never been sucked so perfect like that. When she was sucking, standing in front of me on her knees, she looked up at me and I was holding her head from behind with a hand. I felt my orgasm was close, and I took her head with my left hand from behind, so that her hair slipped between my fingers. I moved her a bit away, and my right hand began to masturbate. First she couldn’t realize what was happening and at that time I had such a bright orgasm, for there was less than fifteen minutes as I had taken her upstairs, and came on her face. I didn't know how she would behave... she took my cock and licked off the remaining drops of sperm, it was awesome. She took her panties and wiped her face. 

After that we had been fucking a long time, mostly in the car: I laid out the car seat, put her in the doggy-style position so that she rested her head against the back seat and I fucked her that way. As it turned out to be she just loved and adored making blowjob. That’s why often when I was driving she made me awesome blowjob!