Playing cards

“Guys! Maybe, we’ll stop?” Even though we were pretty drunk, but realized somehow that the things would turn out badly. “Come on! Get in!” Four guys and three girls yelled in one voice. Whose idea was to play cards with stripping on stake, I can't remember. But since all of us were already drunk, the idea was taken with enthusiasm. And even I, thinking that I’m a very good player, immediately agreed, wishing to get even with Victoria. However, as soon as half of all already undressed completely, and I was with all my clothes on, I got the brilliant idea to play on wishes. But pretty soon I bitterly regretted afterwards. I was losing over and over again, but my intoxicated brain demanded revenge, and we stopped only when I won once finally. Although I lost fifteen times. 

One time was lost by Victoria, and with great joy I ordered her to go to buy some beer in the convenience store and at the same time to show the seller her tits. It seemed to me that everyone will appreciate my joke. But Victoria immediately agreed, and we went out of the house and watched her buying the beer, and then, with her sweater rolled up showing her tits to the seller. “He had such big eyes!” Victoria giggled, coming up to us. “I thought they would burst out!” Having entered the apartment, we continued to drink beer. “I came up with the first wish!” said Sergey. “Let Olga bathe in the fountain!” “Ugh!” yelled the others. “But she will come up to the fountain wearing just tights without a skirt! Can you do a thing like that?” “Piece of cake!” I took off my skirt and the panties. Put on this!” Victoria handed me a package with white tights she had brought from the next room. It was already dark and I was walking in the middle of our crowd. But the tights were sparkling, and as soon as I got under the light of street lamps, they were just glowing showing that nothing could be hidden under. Passing the bench with two young men sitting on there, the guys somehow quickly stepped out around, and I was all in full view before their eyes. “Wow! She’s hot!” I heard their comments.

 By the time we reached the fountain, I was showed to the passers-by about five times. Near the fountain there were a few people. The fountain was big, and it was impossible to surround it that I wouldn’t be seen. There I backpedaled. But everybody booed and I obeyed. Having taken off my shoes and the sweater, I got in. “Take off your bra, as well!” cried Sergey, “The deal was in tights only!” Knowing that resistance was useless, I removed it. “Go to the center!” Afraid to tear up the tights over the edges of the stones, with their hooting and cameras clicking, I went on to the middle of the fountain. It was slippery there, and I fell in the water a couple of times. However the water was warm, and I felt no discomfort with that. “Come on! Catch up!” shouted Sergey, and they all began moving away from the fountain. Trying to get out of it quickly, I did it all the wrong way around. I slipped and fell into the water. When I got out, they had been gone for two hundred meters away. I rushed to catch up, one hand covering my tits under the loud laughter of the others. “Bastards!” I jumped on Sergey, “Give my clothes back!” “Are you nuts! I have left it at the fountain!” I rushed off back headlong. Two guys were already sitting and turning my shoes in their hands.

“Guys! Give me that, please!” I pleaded. “Show us your tits and you’ll have your clothes back”. I moved the hand off my chest. “Good tits! Cool! Take it”. They gave me the shoes and the sweater. “And my bra?” “We'll keep it as a keepsake!” Having put the sweater and the shoes on, I went to my friends standing and waiting for me over there. Running didn't make sense, I had already been seen by everybody around. Wet tights just didn't hide anything from them. “Well done!” Everybody approved of me aloud, and everyone tried to slap my wet ass, including the girls. “Well! What else do you wish?” I spoke to them. 

 “Wait. Enough for today. By the way, did you count how many you’ve lost?” “No”. “Not counting that done, there are thirteen left. And I think”, he laughed, “It was just the beginning!” Everyone laughed with him. I laughed as well. “What’s so bad?!” I thought, “I even liked it!” On the way home I was walking with loose hair to dry it up, and not trying to hide in the middle of the crowd. And if someone threw the look at me, he or she could see me wearing the sweater and the tights only, and sipping beer. Approaching the entrance of the house, I said loudly: “I dare YOU to come upstairs to the sixth floor… NAKED?” And having pulled off the sweater and the tights, I proudly came through the entrance door.