Into the ass

We have been living with my wife already a little more than 5 years! Lyudmila is 24, I'm 28. Even before marriage Lyudmila had a very rich sexual life, up to group sex! Of course! My candy was chased by a lot of hunters! Although, I never bothered with that!!!

However, I was sure that after marriage she had no serious romance ever! A lot of her time was busy with caring about the child and different everyday problems!

Lyudmila was very worried about unemployment! She was an economist with accounting courses!

Two years ago my business went good! I bought a nice car, a lot of good things, and decided to make a small gift for Lyudmila – a nice leather jacket! 

We went to the nice and decent shop – "Fur and leather!" The girls pulled out all of their stuff! Two things fitted my Lyudmila very well – a sports jacket, and a very well fitting coat! But I didn’t have enough money for two things! 

Suddenly, there came the director - completely gray-haired, solid man of about 45! He started fitting things on my Lyudmila! At that he began smoothing the coat on my girl's body so that even the saleswomen began giggling! 

I pretended not to notice that man stroking my Lyudmila’s ass! 

The most interesting was that all that gave her pleasure! I even noticed her, just for a moment, pressing his hand to her ass!

Still, after a while, we chose the sports jacket! When I was paying, with the corner of the eye I saw that the man shoved a piece of paper into Lyudmila’s pocket.

All the way home I saw my wife was being eaten by pure female curiosity! It turned out to be a cell phone number!

Before going to bed, first I went to take a shower! When my wife went into the bathroom, I secretly took out her cell phone and read the text messages: "Ma’am, I invite You, as my most beautiful client, to have dinner! Any gift will be presented at Your feet!" The answer: "If I agree, what should I wear?" - "I am a supporter of naturalism! Why taking on a jewelry? Even earrings in Your ears will not be able to make you more beautiful!" - "Well, I can't leave the apartment naked???" "I'll take you out in my arms!"

I became literally crazy of reading!!! Once Lyudmila came out of the bathroom, I said I got a phonecall, and that I'm leaving tomorrow on a business trip! You should have seen how her face brightened!

In the next afternoon, I packed up, put my binoculars into the bag (occasionally I go hunting), and went to book a room at a hotel!

My house was in front of the vacant lot, and the apartment was on the 2nd floor, so I was hoping to see something from the bushes!

In the evening, I diligently watched through the binoculars the windows of my apartment, but nothing happened: Lyudmila was busy with something in the kitchen. Suddenly, I saw her placing two armchairs in the room facing each other and serving snacks and drinks on the table! She wore nothing special – just an ordinary gown!

After some time the entrance was approached by a black Toyota Camry! The yesterday’s gray-haired man came out of it with 3 large bags and went to my entrance! I switched to monitoring the windows of my apartment!

Soon the couple settled in the living-room drinking cognac and eating various yummy things! First they behaved quite decently! But then that guy took a gift out of the bag – that very coat! Lyudmila threw off her gown, as it turned out, she had nothing under and offered her hands to try it on! Having turned around for a while in front of the mirror, Lyudmila threw the coat off and hung on him absolutely naked! The man put her on all her fours in the chair and buried his face in her ass, apparently, he began to lick her little ass hole! Then he gently inserted his cock in her ass! First, he was doing slow thrusts, but then he increased the pace! Before having orgasm the man pulled his cock out and, having turned my Lyudmila around, he shoved the cock deep into her mouth! – It was something unimaginable! I thought I heard Lyudmila’s hoarse groans when she was moaning, having swallowed the cum of that man!

Unfortunately, then they moved into the bedroom, and I had to go to the hotel, pick up a girl there, and enjoy her all out!

When the next day I came home, there was a long explanation followed: "I borrowed some money from the girlfriend, and bought the coat, but don't worry, I will pay it myself – I’ve got a job of accountant!" 

I didn't mind! Lyudmila and Sergey have been dating for almost 2 years! 

The only thing I am worried about is that Sergey has introduced my wife to his 18 year old son! And, it seems Lyudmila is fascinated by his youthful hypersexuality!