One passion for three

We met via internet and after some correspondence we decided to meet. 

I ordered a sauna and at the certain time I was already waiting for my new friends. It was a cute family couple - Igor and Natasha. He's 40, she's 32. Natasha is an interesting brunette of about 165 cm tall, with a beautiful figure and nice tits of the size 2. Igor is about 180 cm, nice and slender enough man.

 We settled down at a table, drank champagne, turned on the TV and tried to overcome the subtle constraint of the beginning of the meeting. When we relaxed enough and the atmosphere became easier, I inserted the disc with group porn in the player and turned it on. My sweet couple was watching the action on the screen with obvious interest. Soon Igor’s hand began stroking Natasha’s leg, and she in turn clung to his lips in a passionate kiss. 

 The scene next to me was much more interesting than on the screen, so I moved away from them in a chair and began watching what was happening. Their embrace was getting hotter, and the kisses harder. Igor leaned back on the couch, and Natasha sat down astride on him, kissing passionately and at the same time pulling the clothes off each other. Finally, they left with no clothes on and being in the same position, Natasha took Igor’s cock in her hand and turned it into her pussy. 

My cock was already rushing out, so I released it from the pants and began to jerk it off watching what was happening.

 Natasha decided to change the position, turned around and sat on her hubby’s penis facing me. Slowly and sexually rocking her hips on the cock, she threw back her head and passionate moans escaped from her lips. 

I could no longer just watch it, and approaching Natasha, I kissed her passionately on the lips. She responded with the same passionate kiss. Throwing off the rest of my clothes, I began kissing her neck, her tits, the nipples and the navel until I appeared next to her juicy pussy filled up with Igor’s penis. 

 Enthusiastically I was watching the sexual act taking place directly before my eyes. The penis was either appearing from the pussy embraced with taut vulvar lips, or again plunging in down to the testicles. This show fascinated me. The spouses, apparently, were also very pleased to know that I watched that sacred and amazing action so close.

Trying to catch Natasha’s clitoris with my tongue, I inadvertently slipped as well over Igor’s penis, and then the tongue was diving with it into Natasha’s pussy and running over her vulvar lips.

 Suddenly Natasha slid off the cock and, leaning her body back, settled her pussy over Igor’s face, giving him the opportunity to lick her over. And Igor’s taut, horny and shining with Natasha's juice appeared right before my face. Natasha grabbed it with her hand, turned it into her mouth and began sucking it enthusiastically. After some time of such a passionate blowjob, she took it out of her mouth, turned its head to my direction and offered it to me. 

 I grasped the head with my lips and began sucking, gradually trying to put the penis deeper in my mouth. So Natasha and I changed the possession of Igor’s penis several times. While she fondled his penis, I was licking his testicles. He couldn’t stand such pressure of our caresses for a long time, and when Natasha touched him caressing, he burst out having a powerful orgasm. Natasha swallowed all his precious sperm.

 Igor took a timeout. I took the place of Igor and Natasha, having settled between my legs, began making a magnificent blowjob to me. Being grateful to her, I broke that occupation, kissed her on the lips, laid her on her back and throwing her legs upon my shoulders, entered her pussy. We had cum at the same time.

 We had a little rest, and Natasha again took the penis of her husband in her mouth, sucking it with pleasure. I came up from behind my palm stroking her wet crotch. I kneaded her taut and silky buttocks, enjoyed the smooth skin of the inner side of her thighs, took hold of her hips and entered her hot pussy. Then we exchanged places with Igor. All three of us had orgasm at the same time.

 At the end of our date we tried Natasha at the same time in the ass and in the pussy. The sensation is great when two cocks are rubbing against each other through the thin divider of the female body in its tight and hot holes. And feeling two taut organs sweetly tormenting her flesh, she is yielding enthusiastically into the embrace of two men enjoying her body at the same time.

Everyone was very pleased with the date. It was the beginning of our infrequent but very passionate rendezvous.