Strange love

The sky was covered with glowing stars, the moon was glimmering from far far away. Gentle breeze rustled with leaves softly. The forest was surrounded by peace and silence. 

A nude girl was standing tied to a tree. Her fair skin glimmered in the darkness, reflecting the moonlight. Her neck was decorated with a collar with the inscription "your slave forever". Her bright hair was falling upon her shoulders like thick silk, and the fringe completed the image.

She was slender and beautiful. Her plumpy tits were crowned with taut nipples, her slim waist smoothly passed into the rounded hips. Her long legs struck with their beauty.

She was standing, and shivering slightly under the breeze, and waiting for the coming of her master.

Tall and slender he came out of the thick forest. Holding a whip he was approaching her slowly.

Every cell of the body she longed to feel him or the scorching touch of the whip blow.

Sharply slicing the air, the whip left painful marks. Each stroke of the whiplash caused sweet and painful sensations at the same time. She wanted that and was afraid at the same time.

Her Master had complete control of her. She was submissive to him, she was ready to fulfill his every wish, give him pleasure forever.

Sharply approaching the slave, he gave her a long and sweet kiss. His strong lips and hands drove her crazy, she melted like wax under them. There was the feeling that their kiss was never ending.

His strong fingers squeezed her nipples, touched her chest, bringing plenty of pleasant moments to her. His wet tongue left wet trails over her body rushing to the most cherished bud, to its core. 

He touched her bud with gentle and caressing movements, fondling and teasing her, bringing to delight every cell of her body and making her feel alive, a part of himself, a half of the whole.

Her body was pliable and hot in his embrace. He loved her in his own way and she was ready to surrender to him completely with her body and her soul.

He almost brought her to orgasm, but stopped caressing her bud and began showering her body with wet and hot kisses, paying close attention to every red mark from the whip on her soft and delicious body.

Having enjoyed enough with her voluptuous moans, he untied her from the tree and laid down on the spread out silk coverlet. Black silk pleasantly chilled the skin, emphasizing its whiteness. Her scattered hair and her defenseless naked body completed that beautiful picture.

Having knelt down before her, he began kissing her fingers gently, each finger individually on the foot and continued a trail of kisses up to her nipples giving them as much attention as possible.

Having moved her legs apart, he was covering her thighs with kisses, approaching her most precious thing and caressing her until she lost her senses.

After that he abruptly entered her womb and, slowly increasing the pace, he loved her long and passionately...

Yes, she was his slave, but he loved her and gave her all his tenderness, showering her body with silky kisses.