Kate Sucker

- You like to suck?

- Yeah... maybe… - She blushed

- Come on, I see you want it, don’t you?

- Yes, I do.

She was looking at me defiantly. She was quite ready almost to everything.

- I'll let you suck, if you follow my rules.

- Yes.

- You have to pull down your jeans and panties, bare the tits and while sucking you have to caress yourself. I want you to cum with my cock in your mouth. Do you want this?

It was evident she was very excited, but she still hesitated. I took the dick out, it was right before her face. She slightly leaned forward, wanted to take him, but I moved it away.

- The rule! Wanna suck, do as I tell you.

She stood up, unzipped her jeans, pulled them down to the knees, the same she did with her little blue panties. She stood before me, defiantly nude, in fetters. Her t-shirt is lifted up: small tits of beautiful shape, the nipples are sticking out. The great and very exciting spectacle.

- May I take my jeans and panties off?

- No, I like it this way, your stiffness in the movements, it's hot. On your knees if you want the cock.

She knelt down, opened her mouth and reached out to the cock again.

- The rule! Or you have forgotten?

Her hand slipped between her legs, she began stroking and fingering herself. She slightly groaned, covering her eyes.

- Suck it!

She leaned forward, took my cock in her mouth, and began to suck, helping with her left hand, her right one caressing herself. She was moaning with the dick in her mouth. It was wildly exciting. She was moving back and forth, sucking the cock in deeply, licking its head and touching with her tongue. Her hand between the legs was moving faster on and on, she shoved the fingers in just fucking herself with my cock in her mouth. 

I felt soon I was close to cum, but I really wanted to see her orgasm. Her whole body was shaking, moving her head back and forth. I gathered her hair in my fist and tore the head from my cock. She was looking at me with half-closed eyes, still caressing herself, and I saw she was about to cum soon.

- I'm gonna cum in your mouth, do you want this?

- Yeeeeeeeeah, - she groaned and again tried to take the cock in her mouth. I pulled her back by the hair. I saw she was hurt, but the wild excitement was stronger and she moaned.

- Open your mouth, stick out your tongue.

She did everything right. Beautiful thin girl is sitting before my cock with her mouth open, her hand is between her legs, I saw her penetrating in with her fingers, her tits moving in time. She was stiff in movements and wildly excited being nearly in orgasmic state. I started stimulating my cock, sometimes moving her head closer, then she touched the head with the tongue and the lips. Her hair on my fist forced her to move as close as I wanted.

She was cumming, shaking all over, immersing in three fingers, trying to grab the cock with her lips. I was cumming in her open mouth, on her open lips. I let her go, she became able to suck the cock in. 

Her lips were in my semen, a trickle of sperm was flowing from her mouth, she couldn’t swallow everything. It was wonderful.

- You're good, and if you're gonna be as good, I will let you suck again.

She was sitting in front of me, trying to come to her senses. Her eyes were half-closed, but her wild lust was well seen.

- And if I behave bad?

- Then I will punish you – I can flog your ass, your tits, between your legs. It’s gonna be very painful. Then I’ll shove your panties in your mouth and fuck your ass hard without any lubrication? 

Understand? You'll get hurt, is that clear? There are a lot of options how to punish you and it's not the most delicious of them.

She looked at me with fear and lust. She got obviously aroused with the whole picture of that.

- If you decide to be a bad girl, call me.

For some reasons I was sure she would.