The first date with Dasha

My name is Michael, and I want to tell you the story that happened to me a year ago. 

On one of the dating sites, I noted a girl. She was usual and unremarkable. But I saw something perverse in her, she looked dissolute and easily accessible. Just what I needed. I didn’t have sex about half a year, so as soon as I saw her I got ready for sex affairs, my dick was increasing in size getting filled with blood. But let’s talk about everything in order. 

We met at one of the stations (she lived in the suburbs), and I offered to go to the cinema theater. Her name was Dasha, she was short in stature with a nice figure, not skinny and not fat, but she got something to touch with pleasure. We took two tickets on the last row and sat in the cafe before the movie, waiting for the beginning of the session. Time was not wasted and within ten minutes of being in this room we were passionately kissing. I gently squeezed her big boobs. And here comes the session. We entered the hall and took our seats waiting for the beginning of the movie. As soon as the lights went out, we literally pounced on each other and started kissing. I immediately began actively fondling her tits with my hands, and she unbuttoned her blouse and pulled the cups of her bra down, unfastened the straps, revealing to me full access to her boobs I immediately caressed with my mouth. 

Her nipples instantly hardened showing her arousal. I took her hand and put it on my trousers, and she began stroking my cock through the fabric of the jeans. But I wanted more and I offered to stick her hand under the pants, but she pleasantly surprised me; she simply and unceremoniously undid my jeans releasing my “fighter” out. Her little hand was pleasantly masturbating it, while I was working with my fingers in her wet slit. There was so much of her juice that everything there was squishing and smacking. 

- We had to go to my place, – Dasha whispered in my ear.

- No problem, let’s go now, - I said in a voice demanding no argument. 

We got on one of the intercity bus and went to Dasha’s home. She was excited and could barely sit calm waiting for the necessary stop (the ride took about an hour). At some point her hand slipped in my pants stimulating my cock. This continued up to the point of destination. 

As soon as we crossed the threshold of her apartment, we pounced at each other and began getting undressed. When I got naked and she was topless, she told me "I need to go to the bathroom" and ran away. 

I used her absence to put on a condom and began waiting for my beauty jerking off a little. 

She returned wearing just home pants which outlined her forms. I thrust a hand in them and I was pleasantly surprised having found no panties under. In a moment Dasha sat on me, and as soon as my penis appeared inside of her, she began wildly jumping on me. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and moaned on and on and on... I was extremely turned on. I pulled out my cock, quickly removing the condom, and began to cum on her stomach and the chest. A couple of sperm jets hit her on the face and I began licking them off. We were kissing, smearing the sperm with our tongues. It was wildly nice. 

A minute later, I got a place between her legs, licking her pussy. It was exhaling the scent of lust and debauchery. Her clit was caressed by all possible ways, and I thrust a finger into her pussy doing a motion as if beckoning someone. After such stimulation Dasha began moaning, giving me a new portion of her divine juice, I was drinking with gusto. 

After that, we repeated our action, but more moderately and calm. We saturated our hunger, and became more tender to each other. 

That was my first date with sweet girl Dasha. I dated her plenty of times again, and I will write about our mutual discoveries in the world of sex. 

Thank you for your attention.