Scarlet flower

The monster was dying... The island was silent, no bird singing, the plants were withering. No merry fountains of streams playing, no music in white stone chambers… Merchant’s beautiful daughter’s heart missed the beat, she sensed something was wrong; she ran over the high chambers and green gardens, called in a stentorian voice her good master — nothing was heard... 

She ran to the grassy hill, where her beloved scarlet flower grew, and she saw the forest monster lying over there on the hill, hugging the scarlet flower with his ugly paws. And she thought he was just asleep waiting for her. Merchant’s beautiful daughter tried to wake him up — he does not hear; she began trying harder, grabbed his hairy paw and saw the forest beast, the miracle of the sea, breathless, dead...

Her eyes darkened, her pretty legs gave way, she fell down on her knees, embraced the ugly head of her kind master and yelled in a heart-rending voice:

"Please, wake up, my dear sweetheart, I love you like my beloved groom."

He opened one of his eyes, and in a dying voice whispered, "You’ve come... You’ve finally come to me..." The girl clung to his satin fur, pouring bitter tears over him, and fervently whispered, "What can I do to have you back with me, my master? I’ll go to the edge of the world, I’ll get any magical potion to keep you alive and healthy!"

The monster sadly sighed and fidgeted under her (after all, the merchant's daughter was not very slim). In a quiet voice he said: "There is one way, my beloved Alyonushka, but if you will agree to make such sacrifices – I don’t know"

“I’ll do anything to help my named groom!”

"Well..." he rolled onto his back and stretched out his stiff legs, “Do you see between my legs the red appendage? Touch it with your sugar lips, with your tongue, lick it over, rub it with your soft fingers and a miracle will happen, it will grow and spill out its miraculous liquid, it is my salvation! If you can’t fulfill my asking, we will have to part forever, my dear bride!

“For my dear friend I’ll do everything, everything, do not you just leave me!”

He spread his powerful legs, the girl saw that strange appendage, like a flower on the stem, the head is red with a drop of dew gleaming on the tip (and no one could stay calm when a young girl's body is rubbing on the top of you, her hands caressing you...). The monster helped the merchant's daughter to lie down on him to do the procedure more comfortable. Brave girl brought her mouth to that miraculous flower, timidly raised the bud to her lips and kissed it. That moment shiver ran through the body of the monster, she recoiled with fear, but he reassuringly whispered, "Don't stop, these are the signs of impending healing.”

The girl grew bolder, opened her mouth and her tongue licked the nectar. The taste was unusual, but 

not nasty. He slightly raised his hips, and the cock entered her mouth easily with a buzz. The girl tried hard, her fingers wrapped around his hot flesh, like a magic flower was growing in her hands, the head could barely be grasped with her lips. He reached out for her hand and gently moved her to his hairy balls she immediately began fumbling with.

 She felt she even liked this occupation. Sucking movements gave warmth in her belly. She wanted to thrust her hand to the pudendal part to stroke herself as she often did when the older sisters had gone to sleep, and it was dark and quiet in the chambers.

He took advantage of the fact she was busy and slowly picked up the hem of her dress. Higher on and on... She towered over him, her white thighs widely spread, the bush of light hair drew the sight and was already glistening with grease. He eagerly inhaled spicy girlish smell. She smelled like freshly cut grass... He put his front paws on her waist and shoved his ugly face right between her wet lips. By this time she was already so excited, that didn't even ask whether it was needed for treatment. 

In this body he was deprived of fingers, so he had to keep his claws in check. But his tongue was not smaller than the penis - flexible and long, he began screwing into the wet hole, with such manipulations the girl began doing upward movements, moaning and tightly gripping his penis around with her lips. His tongue was tirelessly pecking the hole, sometimes getting out and licking her tiny clit or moving to another luring hole.

 The innocent girl filled the deserted garden with her cries, she had never experienced such pleasure, the hot and fat tongue was plunging into her hole like a piston, her hair scattered, the dress fell off from her shoulders, revealing plump breasts. Forgetting herself, the girl squeezed the cock between her tits, the wet head poking in her lips and the cheeks, the monster growled and shot a fountain of sperm into the open mouth of Alyonushka. The orgasm shook his furry body, he bit her clit slightly and with a groan the girl fell down on him exhausted...

They lay side by side, taking the breath. She shyly whispered in his ear: "Is one time enough for healing? I can still save you as many times as you say..."