On the riverside

I'm 24 and I’ve never had sex! I live in Rostov! Still in the childhood I used to masturbate, not knowing what I was doing. Always wanted to give it up, but no dice! So I decided once and forever to quit jerking off, I deleted all the porn movies from my computer, removed the net bookmarks. No wanking for a month - a record! I wanted so badly, but I held it back. 

And so a group of my friends went to the river, the boys and the girls, as always having booze and fun. There was a girl named Lesya, I liked her since my childhood, I often wanked at her, especially at the photo where she was in the skirt, her legs are very beautiful, her tits are of the 3rd size? Her ass is gorgeous, in general, she’s my dream! I saw her legs often, they are super, and I saw her tits through the shirt or when she leaned over, the tits are simply chic! That day very much beer had been drunk, the girls were super, in swimsuits with beautiful legs, but I didn’t think about that though I didn’t cum a month, it was fun!

After a while, as always, all scattered around, some drinking, some bathing and some sleeping in the car. I also went to sleep in the car. And then Lesya knocked on and asked something, we talked a bit, we laughed. I looked at her she was in someone's t-shirt. I looked at her legs they were so nice. And, oh God through the shirt it was obvious that she was without a bathing suit!!! The t-shirt was wet and the protruding nipples were seen through, it excited me, but I moved the thought to the other side! We laughed and talked, I was sitting in the car she was standing outside. Then someone called her, she turned to me with her back, and just for fun I casually lifted her t-shirt up. And then I was shocked, she wore no panties. Two great hemispheres of her butt were great, I could see the hair and even her pussy, by the way, it was the first time I saw a naked girl so close! I don't know how long I was watching, probably, about 2 minutes, until Lesya hit me easily on the arm and said laughing “well enough”. 

She left and I stayed in the car. I’ve never had such excitement, I tried not to think about it saying that I'm done with masturbation, I couldn’t but saw that picture of the rear view. I didn't notice I took out the dick and began jerking off. My eyes were closed, I barely stopped, thinking that’s it, and started over again. But I dropped away the desire to cum!!!

I decided to go out to everyone, after a while I felt better: I was swimming, drinking beer and so on. 

I was glad of myself. Then everybody was collecting their belongings, looking for each other (some were out of sight, Lesya among those). I went down to the riverbank a little further from the rest, for I needed to piss. On the way there I heard squelching sound and talking. And then I saw that. Alex was sitting on the stone and Lesya was sitting on him and jumping, shouting out all the time, “Come on, Come on!!!” I was shocked. Hiding from them I was watching. Lesya’s body was magnificent, her tits were jumping up and down with every movement. As you got it, I started jerking off not afraid I would be noticed. In less than 2 minutes after I had cum, there was much of sperm, because I didn’t cum the whole month. When I came, I looked at the couple – still the same - not long thinking began to masturbate again and cum, but now afraid they would cum soon and I wanted more!!! But Lesya was jumping on and on. I came 2 more times and they were still fucking! The excitement subsided I was just watching and then Lesya moaned Aaaah-oooaaahh, I realized she had cum. My hand was holding the cock again, sperm dripping off! Lesya had cum and slowed down the pace, Alex started. After the 5th time I thought that’s it. But then I heard the voice of Lesya, “You may cum in me, I'm on pills. Alex shouted and shook, Lesya got up and I was jerking off again, she put her palm under the pussy and it became filled with cum. I also cum for the 6th time!!!

I went to pack up and got in the car, the rest were gathering together. I was tired, my cock sagged and then I heard Lesya’s voice. They were cleaning the place we were sitting on. I kept on thinking about what I saw, but I thought t’was enough! I looked out of the window, Lesya was walking wearing just the same t-shirt, and then she leaned forward I saw her whole crotch. Without thinking I took it out and began to jerk off. There was very little of sperm. While everyone was busy I came the 8-th time. This is how I “gave up” jerking off!!! Six months have passed but I still masturbate at that picture!