I was guilty, It was my fault, I knew... the punishment followed immediately... It was a cruel punishment, and I took it as a good girl... I got what I deserved... It was true.

All that happened last week. I was at the country cottage and cheated, or rather I was almost raped, but it didn't matter – my fault. He was silent when I told him, and then he said: "You will be punished." "Yes," I said, and meekly bowed my head.

He put the belt with a chain between my legs, the chain was stretched to the limit, so that it dug into the crotch dead tight. I groaned and got a slap “shut up”, I bit my lip. My pussy was inserted a subject (at least a little one – a bottle of nail polish) and he put seamless panties on me to keep it in. So I had to walk two hours to have it rubbing inside, and I was dripping wet with juice. I was being thrown into the heat, but I couldn’t sit down. The vial pressed from inside the panties no worse than a huge cock. I wanted to cum, but I could not. I had to do all the work around the house: washing the floor, doing laundry, cooking dinner.

The chain was pressing on the crotch, the vial was rubbing from inside, but as soon as I at least was leaning against the wall, the inexorable order followed to move on. This torture was set to two hours. By the end of the second hour the panties could be squeezed, they were so wet, I almost fainted. But two hours were over... And the time for the main sentence came. I knew it... I was even almost not scared, I was so exhausted! "Hold on, bitch," I thought to myself – “serves you right!"

"Get up," was the order, there was a belt in his hands. I knelt down in front of the sofa. He pulled off my panties to expose only the buttocks (the bubble remained inside)... tied my mouth tight with a handkerchief. At first, I tried to count, but quickly lost count, my butt was burning with fire, and I was arching and giving my hole to him and mentally prayed: “take me, take me, take me, come into me, fuck me, let it end... No, the spanking seemed never ending, it seems, for a moment I lost my consciousness from pain and desires. I woke up lying on the back with the hands tied behind my head. Now I just had the chain on and my pussy was swollen from the belt blows. I wanted to scream, but my mouth was still shut with a handkerchief. Only a low moan escaped from the depths of consciousness. Finally he rolled me over on the belly, took hold of the largest dildo of our collection and drove it in my vagina from behind. 

I gasped... He was moving it in me... I came almost in a moment. Then not taking it from there he abruptly drove in my ass so hard that I bent forward, but it was not the end yet. Holding the dildo inside of my vagina he got out and in again... He fucked me so fiercely that orgasms followed one by one, and again I lost my consciousness...

The next time I woke up in the warm and relaxing bathtub... I opened my eyes, feeling his soft hands gently running over my tormented body, washing away the pain and the torture. Looking into his eyes, I whispered, "Am I forgiven?" “Wear the chain two more days on", he said. "Okay, honey", I stammered almost to myself. I was happy...